Monday, 5 March 2012

My History of Fashion- Weekly Challenge

I just can't believe that with the amount of clothes I have I still get stuck in the morning not knowing what to wear. I spend 10 minutes staring at my very-full wardrobe and end up being late for work!! Too much choice is the problem.

So I have decided to set myself a little challenge this week: one 20th Century fashion trend per day from today until Thursday, using clothes and accessories from my wardrobe. I would have liked to go on until Friday, but I am flying back to France straight after work on that day and I know I won't have a chance to take a picture of my outfit, let alone blog about it.

The schedule is as follows:

Monday- 1920s

Tuesday- 1930s/1940s

Wednesday- 1950s

Thursday- 1960s

 Every day I will post a picture of my outfit, explain why I picked these clothes and why they refer to one particular era etc. I don't own a lot of vintage clothes so this will not be a complete dress-up/ re-enactement- every outfit will be chosen to give a "feel" of a specific era. You are welcome to let me know whether I got it right or wrong in the comments of course!

The Monday post should hopefully come shortly!


1 comment:

Radka said...

Great challenge (love the idea), what a pity, it´s over. You look marvelous - especially in 40s outfit, that's my favourite :)

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