Thursday, 8 March 2012

My History of Fashion- Day 4- 1960s

"My History of Fashion" ends today, with a 1960s inspired look. One of the trends in the 1960s was all about bright colours contrasting with each other, experimenting with new fabric and texture (PVC catsuits anyone?), boxy shape (as seen in the... 1920s) and shorter-than-ever hemlines. That was the decade of the mini-skirt (a child of Mary Quant or Andre Courreges, depending who you speak to!), Space Age Costume, A Line dresses, Mods, and the emergence of pop culture as such. Later in the decade, there will be a shift in fashion which will culminate with the Hippie Movement.


I couldn't mention the 1960s without a picture of "the face of 1966"- the super lovely Twiggy (still looking as amazing today as she was back in the 1960s)

Another 60s icon, Diana Rigg

And here is my take on the 1960s look:

 Sleeveless dress (Cache-Cache)/ Black jumper (bought in France years ago and recently re-discovered)/ Grey tights (no idea...)

This wasn't a hard look to pull since I own about half a dozen 60s style pinafore dresses in red, black, purple, you name it. With the chilly wind outside I settled on my (slightly thicker) knitted sleeveless Mondrian style dress.

I love to pair these dresses with colourful tights which either match or contrast- today it matched!!

So, that's it! My weekly challenge is over. It has been very fun to taylor a different outfit everyday- especially since I loved all of them!!



Jordan said...

I love the pictures :) My mum had a daisy doll which Mary Quant designed many of the outfits for :-)

Thanks again for the interesting fashion history!

Madalynne said...

you look fabulous and I'm glad you met your goal! Go you!

Madalynne said...

you look fabulous and I'm glad you met your goal! Go you!

Leah said...

I've given you a Liebster Blog Award!


Wendy said...

What a wonderful idea to have a decade a day! you have created some fabulous outfits, I think my favourite is your 80's dress it looks perfectly 40's with your fabulous hat!

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