Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My History of Fashion- Day 3- 1950s

So we're now in the 1950s, a decade full of expectations after the horrors of WW2. As the world started to slowly recover from one of the worst global conflict, things started to change at a great pace, paving the way to the world we are leaving in today.

On 12th February 1947, a fashion designer launched a collection which was completely at odds with the austere fashion of the 1940s. His name was Christian Dior, and his collection was soon known as "Le New Look".

It took a while for the countries affected by the war to recover and rebuild themselves, and as a consequence rationing was still in place until the early 1950s, with clothes rationing ending in 1949 and meat rationing in 1954. The "Make, Do and Mend" ethic was still going strong, so you can imagine the shock Dior caused when his collection revolved around below mid-calf length, very full skirts, small waists and full bust. 20 yards of fabric were necessary to create the look-a real folly.

Somehow this revolutionary take on the way women looked took on, and soon the New Look influence was copied by other designer and carried on influencing fashion for years to come.



For me, it was quite an easy look to pull off, since I have made a couple of circle skirt and have a particular tenderness for this fashion era. I could have worn one of the circle skirts I already blogged about, but then a parcel arrived in the post....

I am so pleased I get to finally show off my purple circle skirt! It was made in a lovely purple wool mix, and I followed the same tutorial as above. The hem was finished with contrasting grey bias tape. There's an invisible zip at the back, along with two hook and eyes on the waistband.

I actually loved this fabric so much that I came back to the shop to buy some more last weekend. Sadly there was only 1/2 meter left. At £5 a meter it was a steal.

Beret (H&M)/ Black Jumper, Vintage Pringle (bought on eBay)/ T-shirt (barely visible on the photo, H&M) / Circle skirt (made by me)/ Petticoat (eBay)/ Stripey grey tights (Phildar shop, France)

I absolutely love the collar detail on this jumper- and it's lambswool- so warm!!!

You can just about see the petticoat on this pic...

I had problems taking pictures today, I haven't gone home for lunch and by the time I went back tonight it was getting a bit dark. But you can see the vivid purple colour on some of these pictures. And I like to think I am getting slightly better at taking pictures, although there is still plenty of room for improvement!!

And today, I was wearing my other lipstick- a 17 bright pink shade bought in Boots. I never used to wear lipstick before but I've decided to take the plunge recently, I started out with several different shades of Bourjois Dr Glamour which are more on the subtle side, then moved to bolder colours.

Tomorrow I will end my challenge with another favourite era of mine: the 60s!



Jordan said...

Once again very interesting :) and I love your skirt!

Popbabe7 said...

Thank you! I love circle skirts, they're so easy to make, and so flattering!

Tors said...

Dear me, I'm so terribly behind on my blogroll!

Love this outfit, you look so very chic and (dare I say the obvious) French! Good luck with the lipstick wearing, I found it too big a leap for me to feel comfortable with but as I went straight for bold colours I feel I might be able to take a leaf out of your book and start subtler ... subtlier? Of course, it helps that I rarely leave the house at the moment ;)

Can't wait to see what you put together next, I love this challenge!

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