Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My History of Fashion- Day 2- 1930s/ 1940s

Thanks for your comments on the whole challenge and on my first outfit of the week!!!

For day 2 of My History of Fashion challenge I wanted to dress up 1930s/ 1940s style. After the Great Depression, the way women dressed changed radically. The carefree, fun-loving flappers were a thing of the past, and as the world slipped into a dark and uncertain future, the fashion changed.

Broad shoulders, longer hemlines, and an austere but somehow feminine look is what comes to my mind when I think of the 1930s/ 1940s fashion. Think natural waistlines, empire lines, capelets and short bolero jackets, coordinated gloves (a staple at this time), hats and bags. 



The 1980s powersuit/ shoulder-pad trend was a long distant relative to this, sadly, it generally doesn't scream elegance as the original does. Unless of course you are trying to emulate Rachel's look in Blade Runner...


... Which is exactly what I tried to do today, with my 80s does the 40s dress!

Hat (H&M, bought years ago)/ Dress (eBay, vintage)/ Belt (Primark), Black tights (bought online). I also added a brooch from Primark on the dress.

This dress is so comfortable to wear and while you can clearly see it's 80s (after all it has padded shoulders) I still manages to pull off the 40s look.

I am wearing my red lippy from Rimmel which I got in a bargain shop for only a pound!

Everytime I wear this hat I get lots of compliments. I just love the vivid velvet and the little feathers and pearls on the side.

I am so pleased with this outfit, even though it's not proper vintage.

Ready for day 3?



Jordan said...

I LOVE your day two outfit! and the pictures of inspiration you found :) Very interesting again, can't wait for day three! (I may want to do a fashion or textiles course at some point so fashion history knowledge is all good for me to have) :D

Foster said...

How clever to do 30s/40s with an 80s dress. Love the hat! Your blog is darling. I'm following!

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