Monday, 5 March 2012

My History of Fashion- Day 1- the 1920s

I'm kicking off this weekly challenge with a 1920s inspired outfit. The first thing that springs into mind when you think about 20s fashion is flapper style. I do love it, but it is more suited for going out to a party than going to work (not to mention the super cold wind sweeping Wales at the moment...)

These are just a couple of pictures which inspired me- 1920s day wear...

This is how I came up with:

I wanted to emulate the boxy, boyish silhouette which is so typical of the era,  and this was a bit out of my comfort zone. I had no problem for the accessories though as I have plenty of beads, and a couple of cloche hats. Incidentally the cloche hat I am wearing never used to fit me when my hair was long, but it looks much better now.

From top to bottom, I am wearing: Cloche hat (Marks and Spencers)/ Shiny shirt (Birthday gift from a few years ago)/ Black wool cardigan with contrasting white tie (H&M on sale)/ Beads (bought in France ages ago)/ Vintage embroidery brooch (bought at Northcote Lane Vintage Market yesterday!)/ Silk and Velvet skirt (Laura Ashley sample sale)/ Black tights (Pretty Polly)/ Black boots (Red tape, bought at TK Maxx)

(I tried to take a picture outside, but the only place I could fit the camera was on the bike handlebar- hence the wonkiness of this picture...)

Close-up of the skirt

I nearly didn't buy this skirt, because I thought I would never wear it (a bit too smart maybe?). The shape is so feminine and this teal colour is just so pretty- I am glad I picked it up in the end (it was a steal for £4).

I don't usually wear shirts. I do love this one, but find it very hard to coordinate it with what I usually wear. It is shiny and has stripes, so you have to "tame it" down a bit. And would you believe that this cardigan is a size Small? I couldn't fit in the XS and this one is not as snug as I want it to be, but it did give that boxy shape.

This morning I was also wearing some lovely red lippy, but by the time I took these pictures I had drunk a couple of cups of tea. I'll try to put some on tomorrow for day 2.

Well what do you think? I've had fun pulling this outfit together. I can't wait for day 2!



Noas' Libellule said...

you really managed to make a 20s look! It really suits you! Have not read the previous post, seems a very brave challenge but also a lot of fun! Will check out the 30s!

Popbabe7 said...

Thank you! It's just a way of pushing me to try new looks. I do spent a ridiculous amount of time deciding what to wear in the morning, but with this I have some direction, and to be honest, I already have some ideas on my outfits for this week!

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

What a fun theme and you did a great job in creating the perfect outfit. The cloche is cool.

Jordan said...

Your history of fashion post was really interesting! can't wait for the next one :-)

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