Monday, 20 February 2012

So... What have you been up to?

Last week I decided to book a bit of time off for myself. Most of my annual leave/ overtime is taken in big chunks allowing to go back to France to see my family, which of course is fantastic, but every now and then it's nice to find myself in the UK with a bit of time to spare. I usually plan a lot of things and end up only doing one, and this is more or less what happened this time, but rather than moan I have decided to celebrate with what I have actually achieved!!!

  • I dyed my hair again with what was left of the caca from Lush I bought aaaaages ago. I was going to do it on my own but then my partner volunteered, despite the fact that he doesn't like the very, erm, organic smell of it. So there we were, on Valentine's evening,  my partner smearing the cow poo-smelling paste over my hair while watching the Season 1 of Spiral (we already watched Season 3 so it's a bit confusing). I used the 4 remaining blocks and made the strongest coffee ever to make it into a paste. No headaches this time, and I only left it 3 hours, but I can notice my hair has a shade darker than before. As for my scalp, it's not back to normal but there is some improvement (I have found a shampoo at Boots which seems to suit me).
  • I made a skirt and I am so proud of it. It's another circle skirt made with Ficklesense's tutorial and I used some purple lightweight wool fabric. I wanted to post about this, but I might wait until the week-end to take some decent pictures of it outside. I am not tied up with A Project A Week anymore so I hope you'll understand I'd rather wait a bit and have some nice pictures which do the skirt justice, for once.
  • I have had a major tidy up in my sewing room. It needed it badly, stuff was scattered  everywhere and I kept loosing things. Now everything is in labelled boxes. I don't know how long this will last though...
  • I treated myself. Yes, it's another way of saying I went shopping and spent money, but I found some bargains: 3 pairs of long vintage gloves, vintage nighties, vintage fabric and a set of French curves for 30p... I also went to a Laura Ashley shop selling clothes samples. I love buying clothes samples as you know that they're generally one of a kind item, often sold for a couple of pounds. The (now closed) Kookai shop in Cardiff used to sell samples along with the sales item and I always found amazing stuff. So I picked up a few things in Laura Ashley and also got some stuff for my mum. I found the most amazing long black velvet dress there, it just looks amazing. I will have to hem it though as it is too long.

There were other things I was planning on doing but didn't have a chance as I was away at my partner's parents. Mostly it involves tidying up the flat and getting rid of some of the stuff I have- early spring cleaning anyone?

What have you been up to?



Tors said...

Swap ya? I've still got 2.5 ceilings to remove woodchip wallpaper from, your life sounds much more fun than mine! ;)

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Never EVER heard of the Caca from sounds like quite the ordeal. That would have kept me busy all day! Would like to see your results!

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