Monday, 30 January 2012

The sewing block

The ever-so-lovely Louise Brooks (from
I'm not sure whether the title of this post is correct. A quick Google search indicated that "sewing block" referred to sew several blocks of fabric together, as in quilting, I don't use "sewist" and "sewer block" gave me a completely different response (all to do with blocked drains- lovely!). And I really, really don't consider myself a seamstress.

I've lost my sewing mojo (as a crafty Austin Powers would say). On Saturday I was alone in the flat for most of the day- a rare occasion and an ideal time for sewing. I started looking through my fabric, my patterns, my books, and then I froze. I was just too scared of starting anything, convincing myself that it would end up as mess, as usual.

I ended up cleaning the oven and the cooker, and feeling a bit rubbish because I messed up a precious afternoon when I could have done so much. It just has been too long since I've done anything on the sewing machine. On Saturday night my boyfriend rightly pointed out that I was stuck in garter stitch for a very long time because I was scared of trying anything more challenging, but that now I was much more confident in my knitting skills. All I needed was a little push to get back into the swing of it.

After much reflection, I have decided that I need a couple of very small, easy and enjoyable projects to gain my confidence back. Last week I found an amazing nightie in a charity shop, it's quite long so I want to shorten it and use the bottom part to make a slip (it has a lovely scallop hem so would look quite nice). The top is amazing, it drapes so well... I really hope I'm not going to mess up though.  And today Casey's post inspired me to maybe have a go at the following pattern, it looks easy enough to make:


Do you ever experience sewing block or is it just me? If so, what do you do against it?



Tors said...

I'm constantly petrified of starting things in case I mess them up. If you fancy a day of sewing (or afternoon or evening) you're welcome to come to mine and we can be petrified together. Maybe that way we can spur each other on?

Popbabe7 said...

Oh I'm glad to see I'm not the only one, but sewing together could be a good idea. I really would like to have a go at the Meringue skirt in the Colette book- what do you think??

By the way, I've tried to fiddle with my RSS feed but I don't think it works. I signed up for Bloglovin and managed to find your blog but can't link my blog to my account. Aaargh!!!


Popbabe7 said...

Ah, the RSS feed thingy should be sorted now!! xx

Noas' Libellule said...

I am having a craft block - it is getting better. Life just got a bit too busy and I could not think. I think it happens to everyone - no? I wished I could join you girls for a sewing day though! Could learn a lot!

Tors said...

It does indeedy now work, thank you very much!

I'm serious about the sewing together, my table is big enough for two machines and so long as you're fine with the wolf and the crazy cat then you're welcome to come sew with me whenever you want! I think the Colette book is a brilliant way to go and any (or all) the patterns are well worth a try.

Radka said...

I agree, that Casey´s post is very inspirating, I immediately decided to try this pattern as soon as possible. That blouse looks lovely (and very easy to sew), so it would be perfect for overcome "sewing block".

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