Thursday, 15 December 2011

Versatile Blog Award and other news

Wow, where do I start?

These last few days have been so busy! So this post might be a bit on the long side.
I received a Versatile Blogger Award from Noas’ Libellule last week and still haven’t been able to collate a decent post. I already posted 7 things about me and I am struggling to find more interesting facts about myself. I also like to keep a bit of mystery (ha ha ha). So I decided to also  extend it to 7 things I like. It does say a lot about me in a way...

  • I saw The Artist last month when I went back to France and was blown away. I think this is in my top 5 favourite movies EVER, and I cannot wait for the DVD to be released. If you have the chance, go and see it, and don’t be scared by the fact it’s a black and white, silent movie- it is  not high-brow at all, just highly enjoyable. Whenever I think about this movie I have a smile on my face. 

  •               Every now and then I get completely attracted by a certain era in History. The Artist might be one of the reasons why I am obsessed with late 20s/ early 30s aesthetic lately: flapper style, Art deco, beads, you name it. I have been trawling through eBay for a beaded 20s style dress for my Christmas meal ( I finally got this one) and would love to sew something which would be 20s influenced. More worryingly I can see a lot of similarities between the early 30s and today, especially with the economy. I am just hoping this is just a wrong feeling and that History will not repeat itself...

  • I recently went back to Modern Jive dancing after a long break. It used to be held practically on my doorstep, then the location was changed and it was too far. I just got too lazy then... But really don’t regret getting back into it, it’s a great work-out and you get to wear what you want. I love wearing one of my circle skirts when I go- great effect on the dance floor! I am planning on starting to going to dances as well as lessons.

Below is one example of what Modern Jive looks like ;-)

  • I am not ashamed to say that I do listen to (and enjoy) BBC Radio 2 (I say that because every time I say I listen to Radio 2 people answer back saying they listen to Radio 4, it always makes me feel a bit shallow). The evening programs are just amazing, there’s Big Band, Live music, Sounds of the 20th Century, Mark Radcliffe’s Music Club, Gloria Estefan and the story of Latin-American music... I really don’t miss having a T.V with this sort of programs!! (If we really want to see something on T.V we just use the Iplayer on the computer, and for any for important live sport (World Cup, 6 Nations) it’s just an excuse to go to the pub!).

  • I do love the OTT way British people celebrate Christmas and easily join in the celebration by playing the cheesiest Christmas songs in the flat, including the infamous “Merry Christmas everyone” from Shakin’ Stevens. But DO NOT ask me to play any Michael Bublé- in my opinion he is a try-too-hard-to-be Frank Sinatra (who I worship). It doesn’t only happen at Christmas though- I do have a selection of terrible music in my MP3 player and I’m not even ashamed about it.  Anyone who doesn’t admit to listening to any guilty pleasures in my opinion is highly suspicious!

  • I used to be a tee-total for years, even when I was in the UK in the first few years I never used to drink. Now I will have the occasional tipple, but will stop after a couple of drinks- which makes me look like a complete alien!!! On top of that I usually only need one or two drinks to feel tipsy, and always pick old fashioned drinks such as Snowball (a favourite at the moment), Pimms, and White Martini.

  • The last one has to be a bit of a confession, but due to my young age, I hope you’ll forgive me. Me and my sister used to dress up all the time when we were kids, and had a stash of second hand clothes in a huge wicker basket- mostly stuff from my aunt, a very groovy “yéyé” girl in the 60s, and my gran. Our favourite game was “Being Mozart” where we would stick petticoats on our heads (we thought they made terrific wigs). One of them was a very lovely white petticoat which was ruined after one too many games of “Being Mozart”. Still, we had lots of fun...

Now the rule is that I have to pass on this award to 15 bloggers so keep a look on your inbox!


On Sunday I was invited by Tors from Girlmeetswolf to the Christmas market in Caerphilly. I had such a fantastic day! It was my first blogger meet and it was amazing, we had a great time walking around the castle (which is HUGE) and the town centre. Shame about the weather though (we got completely soaked) and shame on me for forgetting to take any pictures!!! But I had a really fab day, talking about blogging and our lives in general. I also had the opportunity to give Tors her "Paying it forward" gifts: a knitted hat with a crochet bow on the side, a mini Christmas stocking filled with chocolate and little gifts, including a pair of crochet handwarmers. Sadly I didn't take any pics of these either (they would have been a great way to catch up on my Projects a Week).

EDIT: You can see a post about our meet-up on her blog along with a pic of my Paying it forward gifts!!!! So excited!!!

And finally...

My sister's baby has arrived! He was born on Tuesday at 2.27pm. He and his mum are both doing well. We are so relieved that everything went well in the end. I can't wait to get back home and give him lots of kisses ^_^

That's it for me! 



Tors said...

I think I'm dying to go see the Artist, it looks fab. The dress is gorgeous, I'm sure you're going to look beautiful in it.

Good luck with the dancing, I've always wanted to go but never found the time or money.

That's a lovely photo of the lil babba, glad your sister and family are doing well.

And it was an absolute joy to spend the day hanging out with you, we very much need to do that again in the New Year! Have a fab Christmas, hope you get lots of (easily portable) pressies x

Noas' Libellule said...

Congratulations!! I see why there was a lack of post! Loved the 7 things about you.

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