Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas ideas- for less than £20

It’s a bit quiet around here isn’t it? I am ashamed to admit that this year I haven’t planned any handmade Christmas projects. I still have a bit of time though, so this might change. In the meantime here are some ideas I wanted to share with you- all these are under £20- so enjoy!


Isn't this necklace gorgeous? This last year I have been wearing loads of long pearl necklaces- it just goes well with a short bob! So pearls and bows are a win-win combination for me- and at less than £8 including postage this is a real bargain.


 Everyone knows about Etsy, but did you know that there is a similar website solely dedicated to British crafts? There are some gems on Folksy, including this lovely little bow necklace- only £5.50 including postage- and lots of colours to choose from!
 I have picked this lovely little set of Burt's bees products from Amazon when it was on offer. It has now gone up to £11.10 but it's still very good value. I started using the Burt's Bee lip balm last winter and it was the only one which kept my lips moisturised.


These knitting needles are so cute in their polka dot pouches- this would be perfect to convince someone to learn how to knit, and at £5.50 including postage it's such a bargain! You can find them at this Folksy shop- they are available in several colours!
This book includes 30 patterns and is only £3.37 on, with free delivery. The description on the website is quite detailed, sounds like there are different projects for different time-scales and "easier and quicker options are also provided throughout the book for when your best-laid plans go awry (as best-laid plans often do" Mmmm... It might end up as a present to myself...

And finally...

How cool are these Morph and Chas book ends? I actually saw these in a charity shop on Saturday, unfortunately they were not for sale but I had a quick look on and they are currently £12.99 with free postage!

That's it for now, I hope to come back soon with some handmade-related posts!



Noas' Libellule said...

Just started my Xmas shopping today. I am super organised this year... I need to start on my grandma's shawl (been now talking about it TWICE on the blog, and I have done zilch about it)...

CottonCloud said...

Je ne connaissais pas du tout Folksy ! Merci pour la découverte :). Ca sera beaucoup plus simple que de commander aux US si mon bonheur se trouve en UK. :p

Tu as eu le temps de préparer quelques cadeaux faits main au final ?

Popbabe7 said...

Il y a moins de choses que sur Etsy mais en cherchant bien on trouve son bonheur!!

J'ai finalement eu le temps de preparer quelques cadeaux au crochet de derniere minute, mais le Noel home-made cette annee n'a vraiment pas ete au rendez-vous. J'espere me rattraper l'annee prochaine!!

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