Friday, 11 November 2011

A Project A Week 44: Dogtooth 3/4 circle skirt

Yes, I know- another skirt!! Are you bored? I'm not!!!

I bought some dogtooth fabric last year (no, not the one I've been using for ever!!), and was planning all sorts of fantastic things with it (unfortunately too complicated for me!!). Last week I thought it was the ideal candidate for another circle skirt. I didn't have quite enough for a full circle and a waistband, so cut one circle and used 1/4 to cut the waistband in (I would have had more wide elastic like the one I used on my H&M style mesh skirt I would have skipped this and used the elastic as waistband).

Close up of the fabric:

I'm not sure what it is, it doesn't feel like cotton, I guess it's a thick-ish polyester. It was very easy to work with but frayed quite a lot on the edges. I'm very pleased with the invisible zipper which looks nearly invisible- I'm getting better at this. I did mess up a bit though as I sewed it too low, and had the two sides of the waistband being loose, but I hand-sewed two hooks and eyes and now it's perfect!! (By the way, I used the same pattern and instructions as my leatherette circle skirt.)

It took me a couple of evenings to make, mostly because as soon as I was struggling on something I decided to give up instead of getting frustrated and making more mistakes. I also put off hemming the skirt for a couple of evenings, and then realised my tartan skirt and my wool skirt also needed hemming!!! Do you see a pattern there... Yep, I don't like hemming!!

Oh I can see myself wearing this skirt over and over again. I have started Modern Jive Dancing again and this would be an ideal outfit (good fun+dancing+exercise without realising it= perfect!)

Ah ah! I do like these little gifs. I might make more in the future!



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MadeleineMiranda said...

It looks like a really lovely skirt, well done! I have a similar one that I bought in Hobbs this year for about £100 so yours must have been a complete bargain :) How I wish I could sew!

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