Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A Project A Week 39: Tartan Autumn Skirt (Inspired by Radka @ Moon River and Me)

Wow this has been a very impressive week in terms of sewing. It made me realise I have a sort of love/ hate relationship with my sewing machine. When something goes wrong I will shun it for weeks, but once I'm happy with something I made I'm on a roll (until the next failure...)

I have been very pleased with my cape, and there was this leftover fabric which just screamed to be turned into a skirt that I didn't resist, and followed Radka's comment on my previous post- go freestyle!!!

A couple of hours later... I have such a cute coordinated Autumn outfit!!!

This fabric is SO comfy, it is a pleasure to wear, and the cape is surprisingly warm. I still need to hem the skirt by the way, you can hardly notice but as I'm very pleased with it I want to give it as professional a finish as I can (ha ha ha). The waistband was slightly too big (I blame my weird body shape- tiny waist and big hips/ bum) so I threaded a fabric tie in so that I can tighten it with a knot on the side of the zip, and it's much better this way. I achieved the effect I wanted- floaty without looking too baggy.

The whole process was quite straight forward, apart from the gathering of fabric. I realised I was using the wrong setting on my sewing machine, which didn't make the gathers loose enough, so always ended snapping the thread- very annoying. But now it's all sorted, I will be gathering everything and anything!

Now that I've started on my skirt list, I'll have to carry on. I kind of start having ideas on how to make the H&M skirt, ordered the yarn for the Phildar knitted skirt (very naughty), but have to wait until payday to get the fabric for the leather skirt (or not, depending on how much the leatherette fabric costs at my local fabric shop- well I've been naughty, I might as well carry on!). The next project should be a bit different- if I ever finish it!!!



Aurore said...

t'es adorable ainsi vêtue !

Radka said...

Oh, I haven´t been here for a while and it´s done! Love it, the skirt looks prefect with matching cape, pity I had enough fabric only for skirt...

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