Saturday, 24 September 2011

A Project A Week 35: "Blizzard" fingerless gloves

Hey I'm back!!! I can't believe I have been a few weeks without updating the blog, but September is always very hectic for me, working in education it's a mad rush to get all the students in and I have been working late evening shifts twice a week all this month, so this might explain why this blog was a bit silent lately (after working 12 hours behind a computer the last thing you want to do is come home and stare at another computer!). I have had a bit of time for crafting though, so in the next few weeks will blog about what I've been up to. I am behind my schedule (I believe it's week 38 now in calendar year) but should catch up very soon!

I have neglected a bit my sewing machine (even if it did have a sort of happy ending, the stud saga was a setback) and with colder weather being on us have turned to my trusted knitting needles (not to mention that it is a great way to unwind after a long day). A couple of weeks ago, I decided to knit another pair of my super simple garter stitch mitts (which i shouldn't call like that since they're not, they're fingerless gloves- oh the subtleties of hand wear!). A couple of rows got me thinking; will I ever knit in something else than garter stitch? Should I give myself a kick up the backside and stop acting silly and lazy, get out of my comfort zone and (wait for it) PURL??

And this is what it came as: the lovely "Blizzard" fingerless gloves. I don't know why I decided to call them Blizzard, but I guess the multitude of colours in the yarn inspired me. All I did was to add on a stockinette stitch part on the top, the rest is still garter stitch, but as there is no gauge as such, I guess this could be knitted in all stockinette stitch.

 The contrast between the two stitches looks really nice, it adds a bit of texture. The wool was part of my stash (bought in Hobbycraft at the beginning of the year) and the buttons were bought a couple of months ago, during our trip to Weymouth I believe.

These are really comfy and soft, and because Wendy Skye has a bit of mohair they are warm and a bit fluffy (the downside being you end up with fluffs when you knit it, but not too much to be a real pain.)


It looks great with a great nail varnish!!! I got this one in Boots last week, it's No7 in Teal. I highly recommend it!

These fingerless gloves have now gone to my partner's mum. She works in a very cold office and thought these were perfect to warm her hands while typing.

I'm hoping to put this variation of my pattern on Ravelry very soon!



Aurore said...

elle est belle cette laine mélangée... bravo ! c'est très joli !

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Very pretty! And kind of you to share your mitts!

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