Sunday, 4 September 2011

A Project A Week 34: the studs saga

I'm back at last! The last post was scheduled so it feels like I have been neglecting this blog a bit. In the meantime I spent a lovely Bank Holiday week-end in Weymouth, joined Twitter, and had a truly manic week at work.

A post on Noas' libellule blog about spike and studs which was part of her "buy it or make it" feature really made me think about a dress I bought a couple of years ago in Primark. It was a royal blue, long sleeved jersey dress with studs all over the collar and chest which was in their reduced to clear section. I bought it and removed most of the studs on there as it was a little bit OTT for me and only kept two rows at the top. I never wore it though as it was a tad too short for me. (I have an issue with the length of my dress/ skirts and generally feel uncomfortable with anything shorter than above-the-knee, especially at work!). So as usual it was tucked away in my pile of "one day I will do something with this" clothes. To be completely honest I forgot about it.

When I read Noas' post I remembered the dress and wondered whether it was still with me or ended up in one of my numerous charity shop bags. It turned out it was still here, and it was still too short. I decided all I needed was to add two strips of contrasting fabric at the bottom: one for the front, one for the back. It couldn't be more simple ah ah ah! In no time I thought, my dress will be ready and I'll be the Master of the Universe ah ah ah!!!

I will put it this way: I think world domination is of easier reach than sewing. It went TERRIBLY wrong. Despite carefully measuring the length and adding a few centimetres for seam allowance and ease one of the strip was just about right and the other one was too short. By that time, it was late, I was tired, needed some food but I was determined to sort the mess out. Then I got really confused and sewed the two strips on top of the dress, so instead of adding length the fabric was covering the dress. I think I could get away with this sort of thing if I was a crazy fashion designer.

The dress was now unwearable, so I left it there and decided to give it a rest, get some food and go to sleep (it helped me sort out my waistband problem when I was making the skirt on week 27). The brainwave this time didn't happen until tonight, and it was one of those "blink-and-you'll-miss-it" moments. I grabbed the dress, spread it on the floor, grabbed my scissors... and cut!

So here it is: the stud dress which was never meant to be, looking so much better as A T-SHIRT!!

I didn't even bother to finish the raw edge at the bottom- this is how "not bothered anymore" I was. I don't think this will fray anyway, and if it does, I can always pretend it is on purpose. I don't care anymore!!!

The skirt is one of the first ones I made, with some fantastic IKEA fabric, I've never shown this in details on the blog before, which was a shame, as this is one of my favourite handmade clothes (although it could have done with a bit of ironing before taking the picture).

I have now a very trendy t-shirt which I'll probably rock to work this week!



Noas' Libellule said...

Finally back home... Great job!! I have a dress that now that I can wear quite comfortably I don't like anymore - I think I am going to make a top out of it too...Bring on re-styling!

Popbabe7 said...

Honestly, this is the best solution, especially if the fabric doesn't fray. It was such a shame though that I never really wore that dress, the shape, the colour and the studs were brilliant. At least now I have no excuse not to include it in my wardrobe!

Catherine said...

Looks great - I love the colour! I'm very into refashioning stuff myself. And I LOVE that skirt!!!

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