Thursday, 29 September 2011

Inspirations: skirts and what I’ll be up to this week-end

I’m getting obsessed with making skirts right now, and have been drafting a mental to-do list, so I thought I’d share it with you- who knows, this might push me to actually start making them instead of day dreaming!!

In my previous post I showed you a leather skirt which I saw on this Guardian gallery. I’m not usually a big fan of leather skirt (a bit too edgy and if worn the wrong way can look really tacky) but the length, full shape and the rich burgundy colour really make this look feminine and elegant. Only problem, I currently haven’t got this sort of fabric in my stash. If I consider having a go at this I’ll pick some fake leather fabric from my local shop (I don’t want to order this online- I’d rather make sure I like the fabric and it doesn’t look tacky!).

This Autumn skirt blogged by Radka should have been part of my Autumn Equinox post!! Why oh why didn’t I include it??? I just happen to have a very similar, thick cotton remnant which I bought in France this Summer, it is a lovely shade of green and red tartan. I hope I will get the same bouffant effect. I need to see whether I have a suitable pattern though, or will I dare to go freestyle??

Of course I have been talking and talking about how I’m hoping to have a go at making a skirt very similar to this H&M one. I do have the fabric- 3 meters of fine mesh polyester fabric bought in France (the shop specialises in end of rolls Couture fabric!!!) but I don’t really know where to start ... The fabric is so lovely that I’m a bit scared of messing it up, so at the moment it’s beautifully draped around my dressmaking mannequin (oh yes, forgot to talk about this!).

Last but not least, I have been drooling over this skirt from Phildar. I have a hard time finding knitting patterns for skirts which are straight forward enough and this looks ideal. I got the pattern in their Autumn catalogue, I just need to find equivalent yarn though- I tend to order from the French website and delivery to the UK costs me 10 euros, so when I order it has to be a coup de coeur (or straight after payday.)

What do you think? Will you be having a go at making any of these?

Talking about making and creating, I will take part in Knit 1 Pass it on at the Creative Stitches and Hobbycraft Show on Saturday at the Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff. The aim of this project, created by the UK Hand Knitting Association is to get more people to learn how to knit, and I volunteered to share my skills to whoever will be interested! I think the show will be amazing, some costumes from Downtown Abbey will be on display, and I’m hoping to attend one of their dressmaking workshops, and who knows, have a go at making these skirts?



Noas' Libellule said...

Well done for volunteering, that will be an amazing experience! Cannot wait to see your version of the leather skirt!

Radka said...

I´m so glad you like my skirt! I vote for freestyle - I didn´t have a pattern neither... Just take two stipes of fabric, ruffle them and sew into belt (and together of course :), it´s very easy. I´m looking forward your skirt!

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