Friday, 26 August 2011

A Project A Week 33: the cheapest skirt ever?

Oh I am so divided about this one. On one hand, I think it look gorgeous. On the other hand I'm not sure I can wear it. So any advice will be appreciated.

Do you remember my scalloped skirt from week 21? It is probably the handmade skirt I wear the most. I just love the colour and making another one has been on the back of my mind for a while. But I wanted to use a slightly different fabric to see what the result would be. Suddenly last Saturday evening, I remembered I had 3 remnants of silk lying in a bag, waiting to be used. That's right, 3 beautiful big pieces of pure silk which I got last year at the Laura Ashley pre-Christmas sale in Carno, mid-Wales. I paid £1 for these 3 pieces. 1 POUND. I know, it's a crazy world.

I got the black silk remnant (the other colours were lilac and bright red) and realised there was enough for the scalloped skirt, so I cut out my pieces. It was getting a bit late so I left them there until Sunday where I started sewing it. And this is what it looks like now!

First issue: the silk had been folded for so long that it had creased like anything I've ever seen. But a lot of cool ironing seemed to sort out the problem... only for a little while.

I didn't have any major problems sewing up the skirt, having done it already once. The silk was surprisingly easy to work with, not slippery at all. I did cut the waistband slightly smaller than I should have though. It makes putting it on a bit awkward (but once it's on, it's fine. My bum is too big!!).

There was a bit of a drama when I accidentally made a hole in the skirt, I frantically tried to fix it (badly) and then decided I would cover it with something. And it was my first attempt at inserting an invisible zipper.

This is supposed to be an invisible zipper...

The skirt was nearly finished when I realised the length was a bit too short for my taste. As it is cut on the bias it would have been a major headache to add a panel on so I decided to leave it the way it way and replace the baby hem with some bias tape. Yep, I was eager to have another go at it and was praying it wouldn't end the same way as my t-shirt. Looking through my stash I discovered some unopened vintage bias tape (a gift from my partner's gran):

I nearly used the whole lot! But I LOVE the way it looks on the skirt.

I wasn't drunk when I sewed this, honest

The last thing to sort out was this nasty rip. I decided to go for a retro look emblem made of bias tape and a spare crochet button found on my stash.

I didn't think it would fold in the waistband when I move though, and you might be able to see that I nearly missed covering the rip in the fabric. Ah well. You live and learn (but do you really?).

I called this the cheapest skirt ever because I worked out it cost me less than £1. The price for the 3 remnants was £1 so that's roughly 34p a piece. The bias tape was a gift, and the zip was bought in a bundle on eBay. Not bad for a pure silk skirt!!

In theory I should love it. It feels luxurious, doesn't look bad at all and it's a shape I love. The problem I have is the fabric. It is just too stiff. If I lift one side up in the air it stays that way. It doesn't look natural and I don't feel comfortable wearing it (I'm thinking this fabric might be upholstery fabric rather than dressmaking) . Do you have any tips on removing stiffness from silk garments?



Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Did you try soaking it a while in a solution of water and fabric softener? I think it is quite flirty the way it is and very cute.

Knit Spirit said...

Your skirt is beautiful, congrats!

Radka said...

Looks great, good job!

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