Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A Project A Week 31: Simple t shirt customisation

I was supposed to post about another project but I am going to be completely honest: I feel like I've lost my creative mojo right now. I stumble upon amazing projects which I save on my laptop, Ravelry queue etc but when it comes to sit in front of the sewing machine or grab my needles, no one is there. 

It's not only that, I have been feeling down these last few days. I know why: good old home-sickness It used to kick in as soon as I was coming back to Wales, but now it has decided insidiously to wait for a couple of days (giving me the false impression that everything is fine) before creeping up on me. I usually just have to wait until it goes away, and right now I am in this stage.

This week-end I had lot of planned projects (the knock-off H&M skirt and the crochet project blogged here, and playing with my glue gun) but in the end I ended up messing up one thing big time and that put me off attempting to do anything creative for a few days. Yesterday I decided to get myself back into the swing of things by doing a simple t-shirt alteration.

I got a lovely purple H&M t-shirt on a charity shop once and it had been in my pile of "to do something with" for a while so I decided to add some fabric yoyos. Looking through my stash of fabric was fun and I finally settled on 3 different remnants, 2 flower patterns, Liberty-like and 1 plain dusty pink. About half hour later it was all done and I was so pleased with the result I decided to wear it today.

Close up of the biggest fabric yoyo
The biggest yoyo was made with some fabric taken from an oversized pair of men boxer shorts I found at my local "Nouvelle Galeries" store in France last summer! It was in the bargain bin along some other very colourful pants. Nobody wanted to buy them!!

The smallest yoyo was made with a piece of vintage Laura Ashley fabric. I have quite a stash of them- a gifts from my partner's gran who used to do quilts with these. I really should use them more but somehow I feel quite intimidated...

What about the dusty pink one? Well once I made it into a yoyo I fell in love with it and couldn't convince myself to sew it on the t-shirt. It was truly standing out on its own so I'm planning on sticking a brooch pin at the back of it, so that I can wear it whenever I want!

I added a button at the center my gran gave it to me last year. I love how the fabric drapes so elegantly. I only had a tiny amount of it though (sigh)...

And this is how the t-shirt looks:

I really like the skirt I am wearing today- I saw it originally on Tuppence Ha'Penny's post and completely fell for it. The same week, someone was selling the skirt on eBay in my size and I won the auction. The print is so original and very cute and retro. I might try to wear it high waist style next time rather than hide part of the skirt with my t-shirt.

It's not the most amazing makeover ever, but I am pleased with it. I was considering adding more embellishments, but on the other hand I think less is more. Any ideas?



Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

That t shirt looks great. As always, you did a good job. You have inspired me. I have a new gauze top this is a pull over and it is too small. Think I'll slice it up the middle and figure out some way to make a facing on the front. Look for it soon on my blog, thanks to YOU!

BTW, am I just dumb and an old broad or what, but what IS a YOYO???

Popbabe7 said...

Ah I'm glad you like it, and I look forward to seeing your refashioned top!

Here is a complete tutorial on how to make yoyos:


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