Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Post holiday musings

Oh dear, re-reading my two last posts I was full of motivation and was certainly planning on having a craft-filled holiday. In the end, it didn’t quite happen this way!!

I took a lot of stuff with me. Yarn, fabric, needles and my glue gun- a whole little craft station. What I forgot was that 1) I had already left some fabric at my parents 2) I had ordered some yarn from Phildar 3) My gran had been scouring car boot sales to find yarn and fabric for me 4) Even if the sales were officially over, some shops still had stuff on offer.

In the end I stuck to my knitting WIP- more on this later- and started a crochet project. I did not even open my bag of fabric!! So next time I really have to take less stuff with me. Especially since I brought so many things back!! I went a little bit crazy I have to admit, and really have to stop treating myself to new wool and fabric- this is not what A Project A Week is supposed to be about.

Phildar had some wicked sales on. Even though I already bought some yarn online I came across some Partner 6 at 0.99€ a ball and couldn’t resist of course! I had been hoping to find this yarn cheap for a dress pattern I saved in my laptop. I also went to a fantastic shop selling Haute Couture fabric rolls at a very reasonable price. A couple of days before, I saw this skirt from H&M:

And found the same fabric for 2.90€ a meter so rather than buying the skirt I am going to make it. Let’s hope this is going to work...


Most importantly I also spent time with my family. My parents were on holiday so we had plenty of time to relax, watch very bad TV and laugh. We took the time to visit my gran who spoilt me with some Phildar yarn from the early 90s (the yarn was made in the “Federal Republic of Germany” which was the name of the newly reunited Germany). I also spent a couple of days with my sister, who I am happy to say is feeling better after a few very rough first months. So we are all keeping our fingers crossed for her and the bump.

The last couple of days were very emotional, as I went with her to a routine doctor’s appointment and heard the baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler, saw her new car and most importantly had the privilege to see her and her partner sign the PACS, which is an alternative to civil wedding here in France (a bit like a Civil Partnership in the UK but available to both same-sex and different sex couples). It was very informal and fuss-free, just like them. What a great day we had- I was glad I was in France at that time to be with them.

Unfortunately my holiday ended on a sour note as AGAIN my flight was delayed for 4 hours on Sunday night. I had been travelling since 8.20am and finally managed to be home at midnight- ridiculous. But I don’t want to dwell on this, I’d much rather think of the happy times I had with my family.



Noas' Libellule said...

You are back!! Sounds like you had a great holiday! Love your outfit pour le PACS!

Popbabe7 said...

I did, thanks. The dress I wore is from Kookai, there used to be a shop in Cardiff with fantastic sales. I picked this up for £10 a couple of years ago. It's one of these dresses you can easily wear for day or night and you just need a couple of accessories to make it look even smarter.

The weather was really bad on the day, lots of gushes of wind and heavy rain but I was determined to wear this- you can't see this on the picture but my feet were actually soaking wet!

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