Thursday, 21 July 2011

A Project A Week 29: Oh so retro top

Right now I am unstoppable with my sewing machine. I was considering making another skirt but decided to throw myself out of my comfort zone and experiment. So I set on making a top.

When I started making my own retro style bikini I was planning on making on another one with a different fabric and found some stretchy red with polka dots fabric on eBay. I ordered a meter but realised when I received it that it was more a sort of stretchy jersey which wouldn't be waterproof. My new sewing machine has tons of stitches for stretch- and fancy ones too!

I had a basic design in mind- two squares of fabric sewn together on the side and a halter neck strap, just like my bikini top. I made a couple of changes along the way, and here is the final result:

Sadly I am not modelling this time- it's just too cold at the moment- and the arm of the sofa does a good job too! The halter neck strap ended up being a bit too small so I cut it in two. It now ties at the back of the neck. There were some visible stitches where I sewed the straps to the top so I covered them with fabric bows- my obsession at the moment I have to admit! These ones were even easier to make than the ones on the bikini- just one small rectangle of fabric pinched in the middle with some scrap tied around the pinch to secure- a 30 second job and- dare I say myself- a great result.

I also gathered the middle front- otherwise the top looked a bit too boxy.

Have a look at this stitching! I used it at the top and bottom to hide the edges. They weren't fraying but it just looked a bit untidy... and I really wanted to see how it would look like! It's like a fancy overcast stitch that makes little waves. It was also really smooth on the fabric- I will definitely use it again.

This top only took me over an hour to make! I am definitely feeling more confident since I got this new sewing machine and can now experiment without it ending up in tears every time! I still have quite a lot of this fabric so I might consider making a strapless dress or a skirt. In the meantime I just need to hope for warmer weather- this top is ideal for summer!!

Until next time,



Lisa said...

I like it! Fast projects like this are fun! I'd love to see it on you, too.

Popbabe7 said...

I'll try to upload a picture- it's part of my holiday suitcase!

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