Sunday, 17 July 2011

A Project A Week 27: Dress to midi skirt refashion

Catching up, catching up on APAW!! I have to admit that getting my sewing machine has helped me getting back on track.

One of the first time I took part in 7 days 7 positive things I commented on the nice weather and how one of my dress broke right before I went to work. It was a Primark sleeveless dress in royal blue with a kind of lacy, Paisley design on the main fabric, fully lined with a zip on the side and a matching belt. I bought it a couple of years ago in the sale rack and loved the retro-ish shape so much that I bought the same dress in green (this one is still in one piece in my wardrobe as far as I know). Both were ever-so-slightly on the small side- I just had to squeeze a little bit to put them on but after that they were extremely comfortable.

I loved this dress, but I was reasonable enough to admit that simply replacing the zip was not going to take the problem away, so I decided to have a go at turning the bottom into a midi-length skirt.

My first attempt was not a success- I stupidly sewed the zip part. Yes, I didn't think through that time. Obviously it wouldn't go pass my knees, and I was starting to loose my cool, so I put it away and decided to start again another time.

I had a bit of a brainwave during the following night, I suddenly woke up at 2.30 in the morning with the genius idea of fitting a small zip on the side and use the belt as a waistband. How I didn't think about this before, I don't know, it seems that my brain is very slow sometimes.

So the next day after work, I happily fitted a zip, used the belt as a waistband, and I had my skirt!!

 I went for a contrasting zip in baby pink. It was really easy to fit since the fabric was already folded for this!!

The belt/ waistband. You can have it hanging loose or tied in an oversized bow.

I took the lining away and haven't put it back yet but I might have to wear a slip or a petticoat- I think the holes on the fabric are a bit transparent- what do you think?

Until next time,



Pralinette33 said...

Very nice. I love this color.

La République Du Chiffon said...

Super efficace.. on a les même goût!!! ;)

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