Friday, 22 July 2011

Holiday Craft list

I am flying home tomorrow morning, quite early so tonight is going to be packing time. I’ve been doing it for so long that most of it can be done under an hour (not a very long time considering the amount of clothes I own) and funnily enough what takes me the longest is to decide which craft items to take with me. Is it going to be too hot for knitting? Will I be able to make anything without my much loved sewing machine? Should I make lots of small project or should I just focus my attention on a bigger one?  In the end I usually take too much stuff that ends up unused, takes some precious space and increase my luggage weight.

This year this is what I am thinking of taking with me:

Crochet hooks and yarn: they’re light, don’t take much space and you are not considered a terrorist at airport security with them. What I plan to make: crochet bag with leather handles, cloche hat, purse. The only problem is that you also have to carry the yarn! There is also the online course I am doing on

Knitting needles: Everytime I am in terrible dilemma with knitting needles- do I put them in my hand luggage or not? Travelling makes me very nervous even after all these years (after all, I thought I was going to die once in a plane when a seagull got stuck in one of the engine of the planes- freaky accident, but smelling burnt flesh when you’re taking off and feeling the plane shake doesn’t bode well. We were delayed 8 hours in the end as they couldn’t find another aircraft- the joys of low cost flight companies!). Knitting calms my nerves but security is so tight that I am always scared they will take things away from me (One of my Christmas gifts was once opened and torn apart by security staff as there was a bottle of liquid soap inside. The package had not even been opened before they torn it apart. I was nearly crying- not a very suicide bomber attitude is it?). I tend to pack my WIPs in my suitcase but really, you hang around for so long in the airport that it’s the perfect time for knitting. I might take some bamboo/ wood needles with me and take a chance- surely if they see that you’re ¾ way through they’re not going to take it away? Project ideas: I’m taking my “Simple knits for cherished babies” book as the projects are small and only need a small amount of yarn.

Sewing: I have relooked at my  hand sewing project list I posted last year. In the end I remember I didn’t do much out of it! Stitched greeting cards are great as they don’t take much space so I might give this a go. Pin cushions and bags? They can be whipped up much faster with the sewing machine, and the stitching is more secure so not on my project list. Yoyos are great- I have been planning on making a yoyo project for ever so will keep this in mind. Bunting and stuffed toys that use scraps of fabric: Hmmm. I’m not really inspired by this and think bunting will be easier made with a sewing machine. As for cross-stitching... I did like my mini Union Jack last year so might do some embroidery as opposed to cross stitch.

New ideas for this year:

Flower brooches and shoe clips: I will need to take my glue gun for this. Can I be bothered? Probably. I have loads of ideas for shoe clips, involving my fabric bow obsession.
Clothes embroidery: just go free style, draw a pattern and embroider it. Why not?

What are you essential crafty items when you’re travelling?

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Noas' Libellule said...

Have a great holiday!! If I am going back car, anything comes with me. I am not keen on knitting or crochetting in public - I know peer pressure and all - totally rubbish but here we are. I always take it in my main luggage just in case I get stopped at customs. To be honest, I always fall asleep on planes, so it is never a problem, or I catch up with the lates celeb gossip!

I tend to take the one project, but try to take the right amount of yarn.

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Nice blog background.

I left a long message that got lost in the nether world.

Hope your holiday was fun.

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