Friday, 15 July 2011

7 days 7 positive things

Hello! It’s Friday and this means I am sharing my 7 positive things around- enjoy!

  • I found some incredible vintage scarves and gloves in a charity shop last week-end- one of them was still in its box! Ohhh they are so gorgeous... I am definitely going to wear them when it’s getting a bit cooler.

  • My partner’s parents came to visit us on the week-end and as always had a lovely time with them.

  • It has been very hot and I have been eating lots of watermelon, which is a really interesting fruit which I never tried before.

  • I had a brush with fame this week! My email was read on BBC Radio 2 on the Ken Bruce show and a friend managed to record it from his computer, so I have the file to show off (ha ha ha).

  • I was going to go for a coffee with a friend who works with me but she had to cancel because of her workload, so I treated my colleague to a latte and carrot cake instead.

I have been crafting a lot this week- honest!! I just need to take some pictures and write my blog post on the week-end but I am now up-to-date with APAW- yeah!

Until next time,


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MamselleCat said...


T'as de la chance qu'il fasse chaud (t'es où d'ailleurs? Oui je suis curieuse, lol), car par chez moi, il caille sa race. Aujourd'hui par exemple, il pleut et il fait du vent, alors qu'on est quand même le 16 juillet!!!
J'ai jamais mangé de melon d'eau, je suis pas trop fruit faut dire...

Des bisous

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