Friday, 1 July 2011

7 days, 7 positive things!!!

Can you believe it’s Friday already? This week has gone quite slow for me so it’s a relief the week-end is near now!

  • Party party party! I mentioned last week that last Friday I was to attend a work party- it was fantastic! The venue was gorgeous (Coal Exchange in Cardiff Bay), the food was lovely and I danced for hours! Everyone had a great time- just like there was no tomorrow!!
  • Saturday morning first thing was not so enjoyable (oooh the mistake of mixing drinks!!) but the rest of the day was spent being lazy, watching a bit of Glastonbury (mostly Morrissey) and knitting, while having pizzas delivered to my door, so it wasn’t all bad...
  • Sunday was a glorious day and we had a wonderful time at the beach. It was so relaxing and quite warm really! The beach wasn’t too crowded and we even managed to have a puddle in the sea- until the waves went big and wet the bottom of my dress until mid-calves!!
  • I am a very lucky girl at the moment- after winning a book on Les Paresseuses blog I have now won some Heudebert products thanks to Gaelle at Knit Spirit!
  • The weather has been great most of the week- finally? Is summer here at last?
  • Talking about sunny, I have 3 more weeks at work before going on holiday!!
  • Last but not least, it looks like I could get a new sewing machine very soon, thanks to a generous donation from my partner’s parents as a thank you for temporarily homing his brother last month, so the Singer 3321 could soon be mine- how exciting is this?
Finally, have a look at this video - it made me laugh!

Until next time,



Jaz said...

Sounds like you've had a lovely week :)

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

That cat on the video actually started her first meow with a bark! Funny

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