Friday, 22 July 2011

7 days, 7 positive things (and a little update)

Hi all

(I’m cheating a bit as part of this post is actually written on Thursday- but I think tomorrow will be hectic so I’m planning ahead!)

  • I had a bit of retail therapy when I went to town last Friday to get some stuff for my family and ended up treating myself to some great Primark accessories all reduced to £1- both great for me AND my wallet!

  • I also finally purchased a glue gun- this was on my wish list for a while and I managed to get one for £2.99 in Home Bargains. I gave it a little try last week-end and I’m very pleased with it- I think it will come in handy in my next projects!

  • Every cloud has a silver lining- after blogging about the bed sheets disaster and emailing them with pictures the Dylon consumer service has gone back to me with the promise of sending me some washing machine cleaner AND Dylon dye stains remover for my bedding! Let’s hope this gets rid of these nasty traces of dye.

  • I have enrolled onto an online crochet course on called “Beyond rectangles” which I am very excited about. By the end of it I should be able to make a crochet baby cardigan. The course is full of online videos which you can watch at your own pace and as many times as you want, you can chat with other people enrolled on the course and even send your questions or upload your photos for the instructor to see if you are making a mistake! I got the course at a reduced rate ($29.95 instead of $58, which was about £18- paid on my Paypal balance!!) and I will also get a funky Craftsy t-shirt.

  • You might have seen I am taking part in paying it forward. This post has been popular in my stats but only 1 person left a comment. I am obviously thrilled for her but was wondering if anyone wanted to take part? Or are you too scared of receiving an horrid pair of knitted oversized Mary-Jane? Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to take part- I promise I will make a special effort for your handmade gifts!!!

  • I was going to put going to the hairdresser as one of the positive things yesterday, but I’m not so sure about this now! It just didn’t happen as I expected. I wanted my hair to be as short as the last time I went, but according to the lady there (who could not be bothered with me) my hair didn’t grow enough to have it cut. This is the same person who told me a week ago that I should have a haircut every 4 weeks- go logic! Still, it’s not a disaster so I’m happy.

  • Finally... I am AT LAST on holiday. Yep, everything happens and I will be off work and out of the country for 2 weeks. This holiday is going to be very special as I am going to see my sister for the first time since she is pregnant. I did post about this a couple of months ago but straight after publishing the post I got a phone call from her being at the A&E and potentially devastating news. I was very upset and decided to edit the post (I am a bit superstitious with this sort of things). Since then the outlook is looking a bit better but it is still not a very quiet pregnancy for her. It’s quite strange, I am torn between anxiety and excitement, and being far away makes things even harder sometimes. Still we are all determined to have 2 wonderful weeks. And I really hope that re-posting about it is not going to have the same consequences as the last time- she could do without going to the A&E every couple of weeks.

I will try to update this blog but as I am not taking the computer or the camera with me, it might be a bit hard. I’ll try my best as I’m bound to craft a lot while I’m in France! In the meantime stay tuned for my holiday craft list which should be posted shortly.

Until next time,



Noas' Libellule said...

J'espere que tout se passera bien avec ta soeur. C'es tpas facile d'etre loin de tout le monde - surtout quand ils ont des problemes..

Popbabe7 said...

Merci! On croise les doigts en ce moment et on espere que meme si le debut a ete chaotique tout se passera pour le mieux. Et oui, c'est vraiment dans ses moments la qu'on se dit qu'on est loin.

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