Monday, 13 June 2011

Stylish Blogger Award- tagged!!

Quand je serais petite has nominated me with a Stylish Blogger Award (ok, I confess, I did ask her if I could be tagged :-). It’s quite simple really, you have to thank the person who picked you, write 7 things about yourself and then nominate 7 bloggers. I might pass on the latest as this reminds me too much of the chain letters I used to receive (before the internet came along) and suggest to anyone who wants to take part to do so.

Because a lot of the Stylish Blogger Awards seem to be in France this will be a bilingual post. I have been thinking for a while about writing another blog in French but I’ll need first to find the time to update this blog.

So first, many thanks to Quand je serais petite. Have a look at her fantastic blog- she is very talented and her blog is such a pleasure to look at!

1.   I grew up in a village of 800 inhabitants deep in the French countryside. I realise now how sheltered my life has been!! / J’ai grandi dans un village de 800 habitants perdu dans la campagne et aujourd’hui je me rends compte a quel point cette vie m’a « protégée ».

2.    I have very strange phobia (on top of more conventional ones). Mushrooms scare me- although I have been better with years and can manage to cook small closed cup ones now. I can’t look at Portobello mushrooms though- it’s just too much for me. I blame freaky, Alice in Wonderland type stories I read as a child, and living in the countryside as mushrooms were growing everywhere in Autumn. I also have a thing with big fonts- as in type of letters. / J’ai des phobies tres bizarres (en plus de phobies assez courantes). J’ai physiquement peur des champignons- meme si avec le temps je me suis un peu amelioree et peux maintenant cuisiner des champignons de Paris, tant qu’ils sont fermes. Les Portobello par contre, c’est meme la peine. Je pense que c’est la faute de livres que j’ai lu etant petite, des histoires un peu bad trip a la Alice au Pays des Merveilles, et aussi le fait de vivre a la campagne, la ou les champignons adorent pousser en Automne. J’ai aussi peur des grosses lettres, gros caracteres etc.

3.  I am French and I absolutely hate cheese. It can make things a bit awkward in a country where everyone loves cheese, or here in the UK where people just expect you to love cheese. I can eat emmental or gruyere, but only if it’s melted. It’s a thing we have in my family: my Dad is the only cheese lover. Oh, and I don’t like wine either. / Je suis Francaise et je deteste le fromage. Cela rend les choses un peu compliquees dans un pays ou tout le monde aime le fromage, ou ici où on s’attend a ce qu’une Francaise adore le fromage. Je peux manger de l’emmental ou du gruyere, mais seulement s’ils sont fondus. C’est de famille : mon Papa est le seul a aimer le frometon. Et puis je n’aime pas le vin non plus. 

4. I cannot stand when the tap water is running for nothing, or if felt tip pens are left without their cap on. I have to turn it off/ put the cap back on as soon as possible otherwise I don't feel well. / Je ne supporte pas les robinets qui coulent pour rien, ou les feutres qui n'ont pas leur capuchons. Je dois les fermer sinon je me sens mal!!

5. I once cried in front of Elvis Costello. He was playing in a seated concert hall, but by the end of the gig a small group of people gathered by the stage, including me. I ended up at the very front, a meter or so from him and it proved to be a little bit too much. I'll always remember his puzzled look fondly. / J'ai pleure devant Elvis Costello. Il jouait dans une salle de concert avec places assises, mais vers la fin un petit groupe- dont moi- s'est decide a se presenter juste devant la scene. Je me suis retrouvee a 1 metre de lui, et l'emotion a pris le dessus... Son air intrigue restera grave dans ma memoire.

6. I am organised... to a certain extent. I love making lists but on the other hand never follow them. / Je suis organisee... jusqu'a un certain point. J'adore faire des listes de tout et de rien mais pour ce qui est de les suivre c'est une autre histoire...

7. When I was 14 I wanted to become a FBI agent. Needless to say I was watching too much X Files at the time :-) / A 14 ans je voulais devenir agent du FBI. Inutile de preciser que je regardais  beaucoup trop X Files.

Here you are! Feel free to take part and let me know, so that I can be nosy and look at the 7 things about you!!!

Until next time,



Petit Caillou said...

Ahah, that's nice to know some part of your life this way !!

Popbabe7 said...

Si tu veux participer n'hesites pas!

MamselleCat said...

Wah ton blog est en anglais. J'ai de bons restes quand mm ;)
Merci pour le passage sur mon blog :)
Des bisous

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