Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Herman, the friendship cake

Remember Herman, mentionned as one of my 7 positive things here? Well I thought I'd let you know how I went on with my new friend. He is much more than just a cake, he takes over your life, and you feel responsible for him!

So on that Friday one of my colleague gave me a pot full of dough with instructions. Herman was now mine, and I had to take care of him for 10 days before baking him. The dough has got some yeast in (I believe), so it doesn't go off, and actually smells a bit boozy... The only no-no is that you can't put it in the fridge, otherwise it will kill it. (I read all sorts of stories about how it could grow mouldy in hot and humid climate but I don't think it applies in Wales. I mean, humid yes but hot??)

Day 1: you get Herman and put him in a big bowl. He grows so you want to give him space.

Day 2: if he's alive and happy he'll grow and will bubble!! Give it a good stir and he'll calm down (but will still bubble away)

Day 3: same as day 2.

Day 4: feeding time!! Give him a cup of flour, a cup of milk and a cup of sugar and stir well.

From Day 5 to Day 8 you just give him a stir.

Day 9: Herman has grown and now needs to be equally separated into 4 sections. Keep 1 with you and give the  others to your friends, who will start the process from day 1- hence the "friendship" name. Love this concept- a solution to end famine maybe?

Day 10: it's time to say goodbye to Herman as you knew it... Add a cup of sugar, 2 cups of flour, 2 eggs, baking powder, cinnamon, vanilla essence, a pinch of salt, 2/3 cup cooking oil, 2 cooking apples cut in chunks, some raisins and whatever else you fancy: almonds, walnuts (I couldn't add nuts as there were some nut allergy sufferers willing to eat the cake), pineapple, cherries.... Mix everything together and pour in a greased roasting tin. Sprinkle with brown sugar (I ran out so used vanilla sugar... yummy!!) and some melted butter (I used some Flora Liquid). Bake for 35-45 minutes and leave to cool.

Someone already had some by the time I took the picture

It makes a lovely cake, and it's funny how different it tastes every time you try a new one. We've already tasted 3 at work and none of them tasted the same. Mine was really crumbly and vanilla-ry and cinnamon-y.

I noticed some people tried different things with their Herman dough and I was intrigued by a post I saw somewhere claiming that it made the most perfect dough for pancakes. So on day 9 I kept one of the other servings and gave it a go. It was a DISASTER!! The dough was way too thick and burnt straight away. I didn't want to discard the unused Herman (it was still bubbling at me, you know) so now I'm left with a mini Herman.And two of the people working in the office have theirs, so no doubt will I get another one pretty soon. I don't mind really, I'm already thinking about adding different ingredients to make seasonal versions.

Until next time,



luganknitter said...

Sounds great! BTW, thank you for putting me under your favorite blog sites! It has gotten me a bunch of traffic!

Tors said...

That's too funny, my neighbour knocked Tuesday night with a piece of Herman cake for me and my housemate. I wonder if it was related to your Herman? It was delicious though!

Popbabe7 said...

@ Tors: it might well be! It seems to be very all around the UK at the moment since some of the previous Hermans were from England. I think the key is to give it to different friends- otherwise you're stuck with Herman for a couple of weeks, like me!!

@ luganknitter: Thanks for leaving a comment. I do have a long blogroll as I absolutely LOVE following crafty blogs. I have been following your journey to Germany and found it really interesting. I'm glad you got some traffic from my blog!

Noas' Libellule said...

I want a piece of Herman now!

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Oh, Herman. I knew you wouldn't last forever. hehehe

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