Sunday, 22 May 2011

A Project A Week 20: Lacy scarf with crocheted edges

I am just in time to squeeze another project and not fall backwards again! This time, not a big surprise as I have mentioned this in a previous post: a lacy scarf with crocheted edges.

The knitted bit is still in garter stitch. I know, it is time for me to grow up and be a bit more adventurous! The yarn I chose is a lovely purple fine lace called Himalaya El Örgü İplikleri Kasmir. Quite a mouthful to say, I know! I found it last year when I was in France, and bought about 5 balls which I was hoping to turn into a skirt. The skirt has never materialised however with one ball I have managed to make a couple of small items and this scarf, and there is still about half of the yarn left on the ball. It is really lovely to knit with, even if it tends to leave little bits of fluff everywhere. There is a fair amount of mohair in it so it feels very lovely and luxurious.

The big unknown for me was the transition from crochet to knitting, I wanted it to look smooth and figured a way out to do it. I have no idea if this is the right way or not but it seemed to work. I used 5.5 mm needles to make the stitches look loose, lacy- like. I can't remember the size of the crochet hook I used though, probably a 4.5mm or 5mm by the look of it.

This started as a Mother's day project but it's a bit ridiculous sending a scarf to my Mum when it's 27 degrees where they are. Somehow I thought the whole World had the same crap weather as here in Wales! So I'll keep this aside for her birthday in September.

That's it for me on this Sunday evening. As I speak my boyfriend is putting together an IKEA table we just got this afternoon which will be used as a little sewing table. I am very excited!!!!

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