Friday, 6 May 2011

A Project A Week 18: Jumper to cardi with animal print details

This week it's back to the sewing machine! You might have noticed it's been a while I had one of my projects made with my little old Singer. The last one was the T-shirt disaster. Since this I had a bit of a sewist's block and I started to dread using my sewing machine. Before the bank holidays I went as far as cutting the pieces for a pattern but avoided making a start until the holiday was over and I didn't have the time anymore! So I have been focusing on hand sewing, knitting and crocheting.

I took the opportunity to pack my winter clothes and get my "summer" clothes out during the holiday. Of course since then the weather has been dreadful and cold!! So I had a quick look through my stash of "Project a Week" clothes and decided to turn a jumper into a cute cardi with contrasting edges, much like what was seen on Grosgrain during "Embellish your knit" month.

My first thought was to use some brown with white polka dots ribbon as contrasting edge but I wasn't convinced it would work, suddenly on my way to work it dawned on me I had an even better choice in my stash: a size 18 skirt in leopard print I bought on sale and which I already used to make a purse for my aunt.

Kathleen at Grosgrain has got a really good tutorial on how to turn any jumper into a cardi and I have to say it was much easier than expected. I had this fear that as soon as I started cutting the jumper it would unravel frenetically!!! What I did though was to take my time to make sure that everything was done correctly. I understand now that I tend to rush through things and while it might be all right for more advanced sewists but not me. I started cutting out some strips of fabric, pressed all raw edges inside, folded them in half and pressed, and put them aside .

I then cut the jumper in the middle front, put the raw edges of each cut side in the strips of ribbon, pinned and sewed through all layers. Really easy! One of my stitching is not as straight as the other one though, but as it's black thread on dark fabric, it's barely noticeable.

Trying it on, I was happy with the result but still felt it needed something else. I didn't like the way it hung on me, so I added a snap fastener at the top and covered with one of my vintage fabric buttons.

And this is what it looks like when it's worn:

I prefer to tie it at the waist personally. It looks great with a black dress as shown above!!

Overall it took me about 2 hours to make, and I did take my time. I also made a yo-yo with a scrap of the animal print fabric, and I'm thinking of adding on a flower brooch to the cardi.

That's it for this week- have a lovely week-end whatever you're planning on to do!!

Until next time,


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Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Ooh, nice job! Yes, I like it tied at the waist, also.

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