Thursday, 21 April 2011


My Project A Week is nearly done this week, I just need to take some decent pictures and write my post, which should be there by this evening!

I am going to be away for a while, thanks to a combined Easter weekend and a certain wedding next week. I only had to take 2 days off to get a long break so I jumped on the occasion. I am not going to France this time though, I have been a few weeks ago and the price of tickets is prohibitive during holidays, so this is my first British long holidays in.... ouh years. I am hoping to catch up on some sewing and knitting during this time...

We will be travelling to Weymouth once again and then have a couple of restful days back at the flat. As for the Big day next week, there are no street parties organised in my area, my boyfriend is not fussed and I am only interested in a sort of cultural way. I wish them both all the best, and am thankful for the day off, but the media hysteria surrounding the Royal wedding starts to get on my nerves. They seem to think that the whole country is gripped to its seat, madly making bunting and preparing scones and sandwiches, but the reality is that most of the people I have talked to share my view and are more worried about the weather for next week!!!

I have treated myself to a swish new phone this year, a smartphone which was a real bargain. It’s a San Francisco from Orange (ZTE Blade) which I paid less than £100 and since I’ve had it I’m hooked. The only things I am a bit disappointed is that the Blogger app on Android is not great (so my hopes of being able to update my blog on the go have been a bit hindered) and the camera is not very good so I think I’ll stick to the computer for certain things. But apart from this, this has proven to be a great (and addictive) buy. I got the Kindle app and lots of free classic books that I can’t wait to read!

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