Thursday, 14 April 2011

A Project A Week: Looking back so far

I have now been doing over a quarter of my projects a week! I didn't think I would last so long, but I'm glad I'm sticking out at my New Year resolution and although there has been some crafty disasters along the way I am really enjoying it. I thought it would be a good thing to regularly look back at what I have done and see the successful and not-so-successful project.

Projects I am really happy about:

(I have to admit that my favourite Project out of all is Kermit, followed by the revamped cardigan and the felt Brooches.)

Projects that are OK, but could have been better: 

Projects that were really bad but it didn't stop me proudly showcasing them on this blog:

It is a good thing I am pleased with how most of my projects turned out, but there is still PLENTY of room for improvement- especially in the sewing department!!!

What about the rules I set for myself? The big majority of these projects have been done with my stash of fabric and yarn, which showed me that I didn't need to go to the Fabric shop or my LYS- everything was already there and I like the challenge of having to do something without spending money! Out of all the projects, only one (the embroidery hoops) was made with newly acquired stuff!

One thing I am a bit disappointed with is the size of my projects. A lot of them are small-ish, and ideally I would like to include a "big" project at least once a month (clothes revamp/ sewing a skirt, a dress). This might happen more, but I need to get more organised. There is a nice balance of sewing and knitting projects, which I am really happy about.

When I started APAW I had 3 objectives: reduce my stash, save money and build up my skills. For the stash I am getting there! I am not so sure about any skills improvement to be honest, I do knit in garter stitch a bit faster now but I've had a bit of a sewing block with the machine lately. I am having a bit of time off for Easter (thank you Will and Kate!!) and my plan is to make a dress during the few days I'll be at home. As for saving money... Well so far this year has been quite hectic with moving out and everything but I have noticed a change. I don't really feel like buying anything anymore and I certainly think twice now before considering adding on something else to my wardrobe. It is the same with yarn, patterns and fabric: if I can't see clearly what I am going to do with them, I just don't bother buying them! I have a stash big enough to last me until the end of the year anyway!!!

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