Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Project A Week 17: Easy peasy nautical shrug and Rule Britannia Rosette

I am back from Weymouth!!! I spent a lovely Easter week-end there. Weatherwise we were very lucky, I even managed to get a bit of tan on my legs! We stayed again with my boyfriend's grandparents who made us feel very welcome. I have mentioned a couple of times on this blog how crafty and talented his grandmother is, we spent a lot of time chatting and sharing tips on knitting and sewing.

There will be more about this on a later post, right now let me present you my latest project: the nautical shrug and its coordinating, Rule Britannia rosette:

Front view...

...Back view!!
This little shrug was made using some Palette Collection 018 acrylic in navy blue. The original idea was taken from the Rectangle Garter Shrug pattern but I heavily modified this to make a snugglier version. This was a complete gamble but I think it paid off!! It doesn't look bad for a simple rectangle does it?

I casted on 86 stitches on 4.5 mm needles and knitted all in garter stitch until my rectangle was about 20 inches. You don't have to be perfectly accurate- garter stitch is so stretchy it doesn't matter if you knit something a bit too small. Once I casted off I simply sewed the top corners to the bottom corners, overlapping the corners slightly-it gives it a little origami effect which I like. The corners sewed give you 2 holes on each side- the armholes. And that's it!! If you are a fast knitter you could make this in a couple of evenings. This little shrug is perfect for a day at the beach. I used acrylic for a summer version, but plan on doing an Autumn/ Spring version using my stash of mohair. I only used a 100g ball for this so I guess you could really splash on nice wool...

As for the rosette well... Let's just call it a bit of last minute nonsense!! It is actually very hard this week not to get excited (even the street next to ours has got loads of bunting up). I finally gave in and made this little brooch which I'm planning on wearing tomorrow, whatever we do.

I used a scrap of spotted white and red fabric to make a yoyo and sewed this lovely vintage big blue button in the middle. In Weymouth I bought some of this tricolor ribbon and added a folded strip at the back.

That's it for now, but look out for the 100th post!!!!

Until next time,


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