Thursday, 14 April 2011

A Project a Week 14: Cardigan re-vamp

I have to be honest: these last few weeks I had hardly any inspiration for APAW. The spare room is still not tidied up so getting the sewing machine out is such a chore. On top of this my latest attempts with it were not great (Horrible wonky t-shirt anyone?) so you can imagine that after a day's work wrestling with the sewing machine is the latest thing I want to do! 

I have been looking at little, easy hand-sewing projects and lately I have been inspired by Tuppence Ha'Penny' s Make Do and Mend posts. Perusing through her blog and drooling over the wonderful scans of 1940's magazines gave me some inspiration (last week's project was also inspired by her post.)

While walking home yesterday I thought I could revamp a T-shirt, and suddenly remembered Grosgrain's Embellish Knits Month and decided to do something in these lines. So here it is: my revamped cardigan!

Apologies for the slightly dazed look...
This cardi closes with Snap fasteners concealed on the inside, so it looks like a jumper when it is closed. I had some white plastic scissor-shaped buttons in my stash and used some DK Yarn to make the thread stand out (which is the same yarn as my Project A Week 12 and Project A Week 11). I played with the design for a while, at first I thought a geometric design would look great but then realised it might turn out a bit boring.

This is how I wore it today to work, it looks also great with a small belt and even the skirt matched! I am really pleased with the result and think it perfectly summarises what APAW should be about. This cardigan was at the back of my wardrobe, deemed too plain and too boring but now it looks really original and quirky!

Until next time,



Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

I dunno; I rather fancy your "horrible t-shirt" and it probably looks great under a cardigan.

Popbabe7 said...

Thanks Nancy, that is very kind of you! xx

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