Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A Project a Week 13: Retro style felt brooches

One week late, I know! I definitely need to catch up on this missing week. I do have another project but I'm not happy about it, and I'm sick of showcasing craft disasters which makes Regretsy nearly look good compared to what's on my blog. I had a terrible strop today and was even thinking about giving up crafts for good. Looking at what talented people are up to on the internet can be very inspiring but also disheartening when you've messed up a couple of things in a row.

A few weeks ago I noticed this post and straight away I wanted to make my own felt brooch. It looked simple enough even for me (ahem). So this evening I gathered my felt and craft supplies and decided to make my own.

I should know by now that nothing is ever simple. First mistake: just go along and do not look back at the instructions, trust your memory. Second mistake: use the wrong pair of scissors. Third mistake: pick a terrible colour: flesh coloured felt, making my brooch look like two cut arms.

I shall stop there and state the obvious: the first attempt was not that great. It didn't look cute, it just looked like something had gone terribly wrong for a little person made of felt. There are no pictures, not because I'm ashamed (you should know by now most of some of the PAW were failures), but because the battery on the camera ran out and I wanted to take decent pictures of the finished brooches.

Later I sat back with my stash again, and started from scratch, after looking at the original blog post again! I picked some red felt, changed the scissors I was using (I would recommend sharp embroidery) and off I went!

A few attempts later...

The picture is blurry. Believe me, you're not missing anything

Here was my brooch!

The original also has a lovely little umbrella but I didn't have all the supplies to make it. I did find a hairpin (and found again at the same time 2 pairs of earrings and some mascara. Amazing what you find when you reach the bottom of your make-up bag...) but didn't have any decent ribbon. I wanted to make a mini bow but that was really hard considering how tiny it was. The red thread doesn't show up as much as in the picture.

I then thought what other accessories you could recreate as a felt brooch, and after playing a bit with pen and paper I decided to go for a hat. My first draft was more of a 50s summer hat with long edges but when I cut the felt I realised a cloche hat would look better. So this is my little cloche hat brooch:

Such a simple shape and I had quite a lot of fun customising it with my never ending dogtooth fabric and a spare tiny button.

I think it makes a nice pair- what do you think?

That's it for now! I shall try to post another project for this week before Sunday.

Until next time,


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