Saturday, 5 March 2011

Trip to Hobbycraft Cardiff!!

I finally went to Hobbycraft Cardiff! I looked for it on Google Maps a few weeks ago and it gave me the wrong address, so me and the boyfriend ended up going round and round a seedy and deserted industrial estate looking for the shop. Needless to say we were a bit baffled. I happened to come across the real address yesterday thanks to a post on Ravelry- how random is that?

I never went before, I knew the shop by name and had a look at the website so I knew what to expect... Lots and lots of temptation!! This is what I got in the end (after spending nearly an hour in the shop):

Sew Hip, some yarn and some decorated embroidery hoops
 I got the latest issue from Sew Hip, which I have stopped buying for a while, as most of the patters and projects didn't appeal to me, but in this one there are a couple of nice things which could give me ideas... As for the yarn, well... I really struggle with my current stash at the moment, even if it's massive, it's a lot of acrylic yarn and I just wanted to treat myself. The Sirdar Click was in so many nice colours! I might use it to make something for my sister. The Palette Collection Yarn attracted me because of the pretty tag with flowers on it (I am so stupid), and I might turn them into a pretty cowl with gold or silver buttons on the side, to stay with the vintage theme. I got the Wendy Skye yarn as I was getting to the till, it is really soft and the colours are stricking, the picture doesn't do them any justice! I also got some small embroidery hoops and I'm planning on putting a pice of fabric which something embroidered on it to put on the wall. I see clever examples of these again and again and this will make a lovely little gift for both my mum and gran.

All this for less than £20! All the yarn was on sale and they all contain a decent amount of wool/ mohair in them. As for my balls of acrylic I might just make a ginormous and colourful blanket with all of them!!

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