Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Tried & Tested this week: A piece of string and squares of fleece

I’m felling adventurous this week and so far have tried two small new things that will-hopefully- improve my life!

  •         I have a really bad posture. This has been going on for several years and the fact that I carried a bag half my weight to school when I was a kid didn’t improve the situation (no laptops then, you had to carry your books for the day). I have back pains pretty much every day, and I often find myself slouched in front of the computer. It doesn’t help that I’m sitting in front of my desk all day (although I do walk from home to work and back 4 times a day). Imagine my surprise when I came across this article ( I decided to give it a try. I have been wearing this piece of string for a few hours and can definitely notice that my posture has improved. Is it the string or am I intentionally sitting straight? Time will tell. I can also feel my abs working. Not bad for just a piece of string... I also feel that my back doesn’t like it though- 15 years of slouched position aren’t going to be corrected in a few hours. I’ll carry on with the piece of string though until my back is used to be straight again.

  •        I use cottons pads daily to remove my make-up and have been looking for an eco-friendly substitute. After perusing on the web several blogs mentioned that using squares of fleece fabric does a great job and is soft on the eyes. The only downside was that sometimes mascara stains would not be washed away and might stain the rest of the clothes in the wash- not good. This didn’t deter me from trying though, especially since I had a perfect remnant fleece from IKEA (which I used to make a really cute appliqué blanket for my sister’s dog at Christmas) (and now I realise I didn’t take any pics or even mentioned it here. I only ever seem to mention the crappy projects or the ones that went wrong!). I cut about 20 squares, washed and dried them. On Monday evening I was ready to try, and I have to say for me, it’s perfect. The fleece is great on my eyes and does a good job at removing make-up. As for stains, I found that if I washed the pad with soap straight away there weren’t any! So I will definitely keep on using the little fleece pads from now- and might even give some to my mum and sister, in coordinated little bags...

Until next time,



Toria said...

Thanks for the tip about the fleece, I've been pondering the exact same dilemma but hadn't yet googled a resolution. Job done now, thank you!

Good luck with the string, my mother kept telling me off when I didn't suck my stomach in as a teenager and now I have days where she's yelling in my head and days where I'm petulantly letting it all hang out in defiance. Maybe I should give the string a go too.

Popbabe7 said...

I'm on my second day on the string- it does work, but my back really hurts! It just proves that I have been slouched way too long. I am quite conscious of my posture when I am sitting at my desk but once I'm home it's a different story.

Ohh the fleece is amazing, I don't think I'll go back to cotton pads. There's only one thing I still have to try though, it's how they fare with nail varnish remover.

Petit Caillou 26 said...

Waouh, nice tips !!
Maybe I will give a try to the string, but I'm sure I won't bear it very long (euh, pour sire supporter, on dit to bear ??? je ne suis plus sure !!) "I won't stand it" is better ?? I forgot ...

I am curious about the fleece ... ça donne quoi en Français Popbabe ?? I have no more cotton pads and need to buy some, so maybe I won't if the "fleece" sound interesting as you said !!

Popbabe7 said...

Oui, "to bear" ca veut dire supporter! Moi aussi je croyais que ca allait m'enerver et le premier jour, on le send vraiment, les autres jours tu t'y habitues petit a petit. Maintenant au long terme, je ne suis pas sure que ca marche, c'est surtout au niveau de mon dos que je voudrais une amelioration. Je me courbe trop quand je ne fais pas attention et c'est vraiment moche!!

Fleece, c'est du polaire, moi j'ai utilise un bout de couverture de chez IKEA. L'avantage c'est que ca ne s'effiloche pas quand tu coupes donc tu n'as pas besoin de surfiler. Ca fait presqu'une semaine maintenant que j'utilise le meme carre de polaire et je suis vraiment convaincue, par contre il faut vraiment le nettoyer tout de suite apres, avec de l'eau bien chaude et du savon tout part facilement. Je le laisse secher pendant la nuit et le matin il est pres a etre re-utilise.

Merci de laisser un commentaire, ca me fait toujours plaisir de discuter en Francais :-)

Bon week end a toi!


A-L said...

De rien !! Moi aussi j'aime bien tes com sur mon blog, alors je fais pareil, et j'apprends plein de choses en te lisant ! Bon, je n'ai pas mis la ficelle aujourd'hui, mais des collants, et je trouve que ça sert toujours trop le bidon, on va dire que ça remplace ?? (bon non, parceu que je ne fais pas l'effort de rentrer le ventre ... tant pis !!)

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