Monday, 7 March 2011

A Project A week 9: T shirt disaster!!

I realised this morning that we are just starting week 10, I thought I was just one week behind my Project A week due to us moving out but it looks like I should be on week 10- arrgghh! How did this happen?

EDIT 18/03/2011: Looking again at the list of my project it turns out this is indeed the Week 9 Project, so I'm updating all the numbers. I'm still a week behind, mind...

So tonight I'm posting 2 Projects a week- don't get too excited though as the first one is rubbish. No, really.

As you might know from one of my previous post, most of my t-shirts have ended up in a charity shop bag, so on Friday I went shopping for more. This was the first time I was going clothes shopping this year- can you believe this? And it was for clothes I NEEDED. I am getting incredibly boring reasonable (or plain realistic- my wardrobe is very full). I managed to find one of my ideal t-shirts in H&M, I would have liked to get more, but they only had one in my size and 15 in the size above, which was quite annoying. I was quite happy as it was exactly the same model as the ones I gave away. So I then went to Primark and got a few t-shirts to play around with. Yes I shop at Primark, and I have found that some of their clothes are actually value for money, especially their t-shirts, and if I mess it up then my wallet doesn't hurt as much. I tried a very nice floaty skirt with poppies there but it didn't fit me, which was for the best really as I don't need another skirt!!!

So this evening I decided to have a go at changing the neckline of one of the t-shirts: give it a V shape and use bias binding on the edges, to give it a nice finish. Quite simple right? WRONG!!

I present you: the horrific t-shirt!!

First mistake: half set up what you need, and get annoyed because every 30 second you need to look for something else.

Second mistake: rush when you cut, and then realise you have a V shape also at the back....

Really I should have stopped by then, but I decided to carry on with the bias binding. When I see what people can do with it, I am thrilled. But when I get close to it the result is just horrendous.

Horrific close-up on the neckline and wonky bias binding

Look at this mess- it's all pointy on one side. Grrrrr!! And I find it so hard to fit. I'm probably very stupid. When I sewed it, I used the slowest speed on my sewing machine (represented by a turtle!) so that I could make sure the edges has been caught everywhere. And of course at the end I had 3 places where the edge was not binded. So I had to sort of fix it by hand.

I will wear this t-shirt though, but only under a jumper!!! I have a few other t-shirts that need changing, so hopefully it will get better.

Stay tuned for the second Project of this week!

Until next time


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Petit Caillou said...

Ah, pas facile la pose de biais sur du jersey !! Moi j'ai fait un tee shirt (le léopard sur mon blog), il rend bien de loin, mai sj'ai toujours pas poser de biais au niveau du cou, de peur de le foirer !
Ah, Primark ... ça me rappelle mon année ERASMUS en Irlande où on ne jurait que par PENNEYS !!!!!!!!!!!
I am eager to see your second sewing project. I made one too, but I need to wait for the birthday of my grandmother as it is for her and she's reading my blog everday !! And I am really in advance this time, I need to wait until end of April ...

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