Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A Project A week 8: It's so easy being green- Little Knitted Kermit the frog

This project was actually started before the whole moving out saga. At the beginning of last week we were still pretty much living amongst cardboard boxes, but then suddenly after a few days we were at home, and that meant I could get along with my knitting (especially now that everything is much more organised than before.)

I really like Kermit the Frog. In fact I often say I would like to have a hug from him, there is something really comforting about him. I don't know how it started, but my sister dared me to try and knit a Kermit. While moving out I found some patterns bought from a charity shop, probably from the late 70s/ early 80s which showed little knitted toys you could make for fayres and bazaars. I wanted to channel this sort of retro/ homemade spirit. So here is finished Kermit:

Oversized jacket not included!
 How did I do it?

It's really simple since the head and body of Kermit are a knitted rectangle. There is a lot of sewing involved though, which I don't mind since I love sewing wool. My rectangle was about 40 stitches I think, on 4.5mm needles and I knitted in garter stitch until once folded once  it was the size I wanted for my Kermit.

For the head I gathered the top until it closed, then sewed the eyes. I figured it would be easier to sew them first and stuff the head after.

Kermit in progress

The eyes were just made of white felt, which I embroidered with black yarn.

Recognise the jumper?

If you just leave it there you have a great hand puppet. It actually looks a lot like the first Kermit, which was made from a coat and two ping pong balls. Jim Henson, you were such a genius.

I had some trouble with the mouth, and I'm still not too happy with it. I shuffled the stuffing around to give it more shape, pinched the knitted yarn and sewed it in places. I then added a little pink felt tongue. It's not great, but at least he has a mouth.

Once your head is stuffed, thread some yarn all around and gather so that your head and your body are separated. Sew the back, stuff (I used some scraps of fabric) and there you are, you have half a Kermit.

For the legs I cast on 6 stitches and knitted until the size fitted with the proportion of the body. At the end I knitted 2 stitches together all along, and cast off. I then folded it in half and sewed it to the body. I did the same for the arms, this time casting 4 stitches. Sewing them on the body was quite easy actually.

Kermit just needed his little collar, luckily I had a scrap of green felt which had the sort of shape I was looking for. Last thing was to add a bit more black yarn on the eyes.

It was definitely a fun project! Now I'm going to have to consider t-shirts revamps! I washed some of my basic t-shirts last week, and once they were dry I went to put them in my wardrobe, instead I put them on top of a bag which was going to charity shops... You can probably figure out yourself what happened... On Friday we rushed to hand in the bags before they closed, and it was only on Sunday that I realised!! This will teach me to tidy up and not leave things lying around...

I'm also really excited because I managed to order from the UK the KnitScene Easy 2010 magazine which featured the original lovely hat (and not my disastrous, swimming-cap looking hat). It looks like there are a couple of very interesting patterns on there- and they seem quite easy too.

That's it for now! Happy St David's day by the way. I got some Welsh daffodils on the week-end and they magically all blossomed today.

Until next time,



Miss Thrifty said...

Knitted Kermit rocks! I love him.

CottonCloud said...

Oh I love it!! :D

Merci pour ton commentaire et tes conseils :). Je ne connaissais pas ces deux sites mais je vais les garder dans mes favoris. ^^

Ton projet, a project a week, est très sympa et je craque particulièrement sur Kermit. ^^

Popbabe7 said...

Thank you both for your lovely comments! Kermit has a lot of success it seems. My sister likes him too so it looks like he might travel to France soon!

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