Friday, 18 March 2011

A Project A week 11: Mug cosy

I have started to make a move on my knitting list... Here is my attempt at making a mug cosy!

All in garter stitch as usual, but I think it looks very nice with this yarn. This is actually my second attempt, the first one has been turned into a mini drawstring bag. While I was knitting my boyfriend talked to me and I dropped a stitch, there was a hole and I tried to fix it but thought I might as well start another one. I cast on 15 stitches on 4.5mm needles and knitted about 15 cms long, a bit more maybe. Since the yarn stretches you don't have to be super accurate (I like this sort of project).

I added a little button and knitted a bit longer on the 5 first stitches at the top. There is no buttonhole though, it is just sewed on. As you can see it's not perfect perfect, maybe I should have just carried on knitting on 3 stitches as the button bit is slighlty too big. So plenty of room for improvement!

I am off for a week to visit my family in France, I'm hoping to get plenty of knitting time in front of French TV. I am thinking of selling little knitted items on my eBay shop to raise money for Japan. This tragedy has touched me so much that I want to do everything I can to help. I really love Japan, I've always been fascinated with their culture, unique sense of style (being a bit of a Decora girl myself in my youth without really knowing about it) and I love Shibuya-key music. In adversity they have shown such courage, such resilience... So I want to do my bit for them, even if my knitting skills are limited.

Right now, though- time to sleep as I have an early start tomorrow...

Until next time,



Petit Caillou said...

Ah, faire un "chauffe-mug" fait aussi parti de mes projets !! Bon, à ce stade, seulement dans ma tête, mais ça viendra un jour !
Ta laine est belle et le résultat rnd très bien !
Bon séjour en France !! En ce moment, nous avons une semaine de beau temps, c'est dingue !!
A bientôt.

Popbabe7 said...

Merci! C'est incroyable le temps qu'il fait en ce moment, j'ai l'air ridicule avec mon duffle-coat en laine alors qu'il fait 20 degrés! Bisous et à bientôt!

Knit Spirit said...

How cute is that?! I really like it! I have to knit one for one of my cups!

Caro Dels said...

J'adore ! Trop mignon !

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