Sunday, 27 February 2011

A Project A week 7: Keeping the cold away

This week I have made a very simple project, but very satisfying as I have finally been able to get my sewing machine out and try it in the new flat!

It's getting cold again and we are so wary of loosing heat easily so I made this draught excluder from my never-ending dogtooth fabric (already featured here, here and here!!!):

It didn't take me long at all and allowed me to use all the scrap fabric/ old tights I was keeping for stuffing. I'm thinking of jazzing it up a bit though. I'll probably turn it into a sausage dog, since I never got to sew one at school. Let's hope it does its job well and keeps the cold at bay!

We are truly feeling at home now and only have to unpack a few boxes of non-essential items. Here is a pic of one of the little shelves I am using at the moment to store some of my knitting/ sewing stash- the clothes there are in the "A Project A Week" pile so you might see them featured soon!!!

Left to right: Knitting yarn and Laura Ashley vintage scraps, "A Project A Week" clothes, Quilted velvet bag and felt, more ""A Project A Week" clothes

Before I go these are a few pics currently feeding my inspiration, some of these designs are a bit too bold (after all it's Haute Couture and is not meant to be everyday wear) but really make me want to try out some new things!

L.A.M.B dress- love the belt bow and the print. Seen on
I just love this leopard print dress. You have to be careful with this sort of print as it can rapidly become tacky, but this dress looks fabulous.

The next few pics are from Milan Fashion week.

Fendi. Pic from Tom Wabe

Prada- Pic from Tom Wabe

Prada- Pic from Tom Wabe
 Some of the models on the Prada show were wearing hats looking like swimming caps, another proof that my purple hat might be trendy!

This last pic was taken by Geraldine Dormoy, a French journalist for L'Express who has a fashion blog called Cafe Mode. I really love the two contrasting tartans. On paper it should never work but on Susie Lau, it certainly does.

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