Saturday, 5 February 2011

A Project A week 5 (bis): The "Death by Sewing" skirt (IKEA remnant buster 1)

It turns out I have another project this week, and what a project!! The appropriately named "Death by Sewing" skirt. It wasn't a very successful and happy project, but I thought I might as well post about it. Here is a picture of the finished skirt:

Notice the not very happy face...
 I have a few remnants from IKEA which look big enough to make a skirt but always are too small for the skirt patterns I have. So I thought I'd make a simple skirt, with a waistband, zip and gathers fitting in the waistband.

First thing I did was cut a waistband, fold it in two and sew it right sides together. No problem then apart from noticing that once it was sewn, it was already small, and I needed to fold it again... The real horror was turning it on the right side. I spent 40 MINUTES battling with it, breaking one of my vintage orange knitting needles in the way (my fault really since it was plastic). I wasn't happy at all. Little did I know it was only the beginning of the nightmare!!!

So the waistband was done (insert music from "Chariots of Fire" here) I then attached a zip on the sides of the skirt (breaking the needle of my sewing machine on the way), sewed the sides together and then threaded a needle and did the gathers at the top by hand. So far so good.

The zip. Although not perfectly done I'm quite happy about it. Somehow I'm not quite as happy about the finishing of the waistband on top.
Inserting the gathers in the waistband making sure they were even was HELL. I don't know how long it took me. Once this was done, it wasn't over as I had to sew it to the body of the skirt. After a few (very frustrating) attempts I managed to do it, then checked that all the gathers were in the waistband (they were not- grrrrr). 

By now I was fed up with the whole thing and half expected that the skirt wouldn't fit anymore. It did however but still needed a hem, which I did very neatly (for once).

I think this is called double hem? I might try an invisible hem next time, if I'm adventurous
In the end I'm not too sure about this skirt, it looks a bit like a hot air balloon I like the shape but maybe the fabric is a bit too thick for this. I think a light cotton would work better.

What I liked: The fabric, which was really easy to work with. My hem which I'm proud of.

What I didn't like: Turning the waistband right side, fitting gathers in waistband, my spool of thread which kept breaking right in the middle of sewing.

What I've learnt: Waistband are not easy to work with when they're too small. Never use a plastic knitting needle to push the fabric in a tube. Never use one of your favourite plastic knitting needles to push out the fabric in a tube. Next time, I shall use lighter fabric. Some people have road rage, for me it's sewing rage.

Last but not least, my pictures don't look too bad this time! I borrowed my boyfriend's camera and I think you can see the difference. I'll try to do this from now on.

Until next time,



yunims said...

Hi Popbabe7! (forgive me, I do not know your real name.) I see the contents of your blog. I really enjoyed it. I'm new blogger and wanted to have many friends. Could we build a friendship?. Of course I can learn many things from you through this blog. Greetings from me!

Cherry Plum said...

Hola preciosa!

Your skirt is so great...I love that naïve touch, I little bit Amelie

Petit caillou said...

Hello !
Thanks for your comment on my blog !
I'm adding yours to my favourite list, you have nice ideas !
And your skirt is nice ! I also have somme IKEA tissu left, but I do not dare to make a skirt with it, as I think it is a bit thick, as you mentionned it. Maybe I will give a try one day !

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