Saturday, 12 February 2011

Day at St Fagans- Museum of Welsh Life

This afternoon since the weather didn't look too mean we decided to head on to the Museum of Welsh life in St Fagans (on the outskirts of Cardiff). It wasn't the first time for us, but it is one these places where you can spend a whole day without realising it. There are two parts (I think): one with a castle and a luxurious park, and a "Welsh village" with lots of buildings showing Welsh life through different ages. Today we only did the Welsh Village because- wait for it- I put on some lovely shoes which made my feet hurt! Which was a shame really as I really enjoyed the visit.

So here are a few pics of what St Fagans has to offer- enjoy!

There is a farm on site and we came across these little piggies feeding on their mum.

Bedroom of the farmer's (nice) house

Celtic huts
 One of the huts above had a fire going on inside. The guy inside gave us a lot of info on how Celts used to live. The walls inside were also decorated with Celtic drawings.

Workmen institute- this was were the minors would meet up and socialise. It even has a small cinema on 1st floor!

My favourite part is the main street where you can go inside several shops, like this grocery store:

I love seeing all the old packaging and products- a lot of brands are actually still sold in supermarkets!

 On the same street there is a photo studio, where you can get your photo dressed in Victorian clothes.

Every time I have been it was closed but today I managed to get some info. This is something I would absolutely love to do. I think I'm going to save a bit of money and treat myself soon.

I also like the little row of Welsh houses through the ages- from the late 19th Century to 1970. The first few houses are quite dark so I couldn't take good pics but here are some of my favourites pics:

Child's room interior- prefab (50s?)

Parent's room (notice the plastic hot water bottle on the bed- never seen anything like this before!!)

Dining room
I really like the last little prefab. It felt so nice and homely! Before heading home we stopped at the gift shop which sells a lot of very cool things, like Cumbrian wools purses (in purple tartan- gorgeous!), loads of replicas of old ads on postcards, magnets etc. I got a little book of postcards on the theme "Childhood in Wales".

More info:

Entrance is free however the car park costs £3.50 for an all-day ticket (the machine doesn't give change but the person at reception can help you).

There are a lot of different activities going on every day centered on animals and crafts, which makes it very interesting and educational for children. There's a cafe and a restaurant in the building located at the entrance, and a tea shop not far from the "high street".

Website here

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Toria said...

Do you know, I've still not made it to St Fagan's, even when Who was filming there I didn't go (and puddings on location were wonderful so I'm rather surprised). Thanks for the info on what's there, it's now been bumped higher up my list of things to do!

Popbabe7 said...

I know what it is, the closer you are to something the more you tend to overlook it. I really enjoy St Fagans, if you can go during the week it's generally quieter- you get the odd school group- and the staff there really know what they're talking about.

Knit Spirit said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely place. It makes me wanna travel! ^^

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