Friday, 28 January 2011

A Project A week 4: Jumpers revamp!!!

I nearly thought I wouldn't be able to do my project this week, and as it happens I actually have TWO!! I'm really enjoying these little make-overs now.

It has been really cold this week and I have a couple of warm wool jumpers I don't really wear. There is always a detail that I'm not too happy about. They usually end up stocked up on top of my gigantic wardrobe, and fall over when I least need it (deciding what to wear in the morning), generally are in my way. So I thought, something needs to happen!!

First victim was this little pink jumper from Gap, bought in a charity shop for £3:

I like this jumper, but the neckline bothered me. It looks like a flower petal, like the sort of costume you would wear in primary school for the end of year show. It would be OK in another colour I guess, but in pink it just feels... I don't know... over the top. So it had to go.

Before I would have been scared of chopping a garment off . Not anymore! I just cut by the seam and the neck was gone, without any of the jumper unravelling- magic!!!

I then decided to add some buttons on the sleeves. I have to say this is one of my favourite things to do, as I love buttons!!

This is a little sample of my button collection, The ones on the far right are some findings from my grandma's button tin. You can also just about see what I'm reading at the moment: The Tokyo Look Book
I set on a set of Dorset buttons made by my boyfriend's mum, who at some point in the 80s had a little button shop. They're the purple round ones on the card.

There we go, a quick and easy revamp. I much prefer this jumper without the petal collar

(Damn I really need to invest in a camera)

Close up of the buttons on the sleeve
What about the petal collar then? What could I do with a long strip of pink wool??

Since it looks like a petal, I might as well turn it into a flower!!

That was the easiest thing to do EVER!!! All I had to do was threading some wool across and create a ruffle, send sew the two ends together. Another button from my stash was needed for the center. All I need to do now is to glue/ sew a pin on it. I have rediscovered the pleasure of wearing brooches since I cut my hair (before my hair would hide them/ get tangled).

The second victim was a lambswool purple roll-neck jumper I got from les 3 Suisses (the rival of La Redoute) years ago. It's a very warm jumper and I love the colour, so guess what I didn't like... The damn roll-neck AGAIN!!! This one didn't remind of Roger Moore, but it made me feel frumpy. I didn't take a picture of it before, it was a spur of the moment thing when I grabbed it!

I chopped the roll-neck, but it didn't look as neat as the other jumper, there was a bit of fraying going on, so I decided I'll cover the raw edges with something, like a ribbon folded in two. Then I remembered I had a stash of bits of laces I took of from different garments, and set on some white elastic lace that used to be on foot insoles. I bought them one day, I don't even know why (there used to be a lot of these with me- not anymore!). I'm glad I'm a hoarder and keep everything sometimes, as it proved to be ideal for the neckline covering all the raw edges. I decided against using the sewing machine as the jumper was quite thick, so hand-sewed a strip of the folded lace.

Here it is, finished!

Here's a close-up of the lace, I made sure I was sewing on the "full" areas of the lace, and not in the holes, because it was slightly stretchy it gave a little puckered effect.

And the jumper in its full glory

I'm not sure whether I should do anything else on this jumper- I pretty like it the way it is now.

That's it for this week! I didn't even have to use my sewing machine. I will try to post pics of them worn tomorrow.

Not sure what I will do next week yet, but my notebook is crammed with ideas, and I have two huge bags of clothes that need a re-vamp, so I'm not lacking inspiration! I am really enjoying this, and feel like I have new items in my wardrobe every week without the pain of looking at the shop receipt!

Until next time,



Noas' Libellule said...

Good job! Love the buttons you chose.

Cherry Plum said...

I leave the blogsphere one month and you start sewing again. Good for you!
I love the Black and white dress :)

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