Friday, 21 January 2011

Project 3 on the way- back to Knitting

Project 3 is well on its way and should be finished this week-end (fingers crossed). I don’t want to give out too much just yet, I’ll just say that this week the project is knitting and that it was my own pattern, which will be available both here and on Ravelry.

I did leave knitting for a little while. I felt I was stuck in a rut without a great pattern that would inspire me. The problem is I’m still stuck in garter stitch mostly.  I can cope with stockinette but it’s the ribbing that confuses me, I just feel like when I was 8 years old trying to understand a Maths problem (did you use to have them at school? Things like “Jacques has a quarter of the money Marie had for her birthday, which is half of the number of apples in Catherine’s basket. How much money does Jacques have?”).

The Mistinguette hat came just in time before Christmas but I felt like I wanted to knit something else. Project 3 came from all of this and after looking on Ravelry for a couple of hours last night I managed to find other garter stitch projects that are manageable at my level and really inspiring. So there will be some knitting projects along the way as well.

We have started looking for a new flat, so far we only saw one and it wasn’t really suitable. There were a couple of flats I really wanted to see but they all seem to go an hour before I’m scheduled to see them, the last of them was today so I start to believe I’m jinxed somehow. It makes me want to go to the fabric or wool shop and splurge on new fabric/ remnants/ wool, but I won’t, I’m strong (at least trying to be)!

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