Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Dior Spring Summer 2011 Collection

I just find this collection stunningly beautiful. I hope some of it trickles through the High Street. Vuitton tried this sort of retro/ Mad Men look last year but the more affordable shops didn’t take the plunge. I’m fed up of seeing leggings and skinny jeans everywhere, bomber jackets and UGG(ly) boots.

I know that these clothes are not made for everyday life, but I love the feeling of grace and elegance they convey, and whilst I’ll probably never be able to make such beautiful clothes, I feel inspired by them.

All the pictures were taken from the Telegraph website (click here for full sideshow) : 

More than a nod to New Look!!
The model's hair style and make-up remind me of an old Bourjois advert- for Rouge Baiser I think

Fairytale dresses...

Who said grey was boring?

I love the fake casualness (is that a word?) of the neckline contrasting with the elaborated frills of the skirt

Straight skirt and cinched waist- one of my favourite looks

Merci Monsieur Galliano.

EDIT 03/03/2011:
In light of recent events I just want to clarify that I certainly do not approve Galliano’s behaviour. What he supposedly said is truly appalling. Some designers can make beautiful clothes and be complete idiots. While I still think that these outfits are breathtakingly beautiful it leaves a bitter taste to my mouth that they have been created by someone who appears to be so full of hate.

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Noas' Libellule said...

Love the collection! Great work from Galliano.

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