Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Looking back at 2010 & my New Year resolution

Every January, like everyone else I plan my New Year resolutions. And like everyone else I set myself numerous unachievable goals and end up feeling miserable because not one of those lasted more than 2 weeks. Last year I decided to focus on small things which covered different aspects of my life, I thought if I set myself some smaller goals to achieve the whole thing would be easier and maybe at the end of the year I could look back and see that I achieved something. I also wrote my resolutions down so that I could look at them every now and then. Here is the list of what I wanted to happen in 2010 and what actually happened.

*Get things sorted out with my French car: in the end I sold it (*tear*) and got myself a British one. It’s not as funky as my old one, but it brought me some appreciated peace of mind. A trip to the garage is much more straight-forward now...

*Get a dentist: I was told this was going to be the modern equivalent of a medieval quest. Wales is famous for his lack of NHS dentist apparently, but I was lucky enough to get myself registered and my teeth checked (best part being told that my teeth look great- all this time brushing my teeth pays off!!)

*Carry on with my newly discovered craft skills and finally master my sewing machine. Thanks to the internet I am the proud owner of a couple of handmade skirts, bags, and one dogtooth dress. I am also the not so proud owner of a couple of unfinished, screwed-up projects!! Still no improvement on the knitting side but at the moment I’m happy with the garter stitch projects I can find on the net!

*Not really a fun resolution, but like nearly everyone I wanted to save some money by buying less clothes. I have to be honest, this one is not a frank success. I tried my best but find it really hard to resist. I might have bought less clothes in 2010, but on the other hand I bought fabric- to make some clothes!!

I was quite happy looking at my list and seeing that these small things I planned actually came true.

For 2011 there is only one thing I really want to do: I want to move out of the flat I’m living in at the moment and find a decent place to live. I want to find a flat where the heating doesn’t go straight through the roof. I want a flat where I feel the 10 plagues of Egypt won’t happen (we never had locusts but had fleas, mice, and wasps, all in a 2 year period). I want a practical place with some storage, a shower with some decent water pressure- not a trickle like the one we have at the moment, a thermostat which actually works, decent wall insulation so that I can’t hear the neighbours and they can’t hear us, respectful neighbours who don’t steal the mail and leave the front door open to anyone in the middle of the night, a courteous landlord who doesn’t send his minions every other week to collect the rent when it is not due yet.

For 2011 I just want a nice place to live for me and my other half, and this year I’ll make it happen, even if this means no more little cute dresses/ skirts/ fabric for a while!!!

Until next time,


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Noas' Libellule said...

Well done on 2010 resolutions, and sounds like a great resolution for 2011! I am sure you will find a lovely place in Wales to live in. It is beautiful out there.

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