Monday, 6 December 2010

A very Crafty Christmas Part 2: Easy Knitting

As promised, here is the second part of my very easy Christmas Crafty projects. So far I have made a few flower fabric brooches and a few yoyos, I also made a start on a skirt and only need to finish the waistband and hem so this is looking good!

Here are a few projects that you can knit quickly, and most importantly you don't need to know many stitches!!! It's been about a year that I started to seriously get into knitting and if you've been following the blog you will know that I am rubbish and can't even master a simple knit purl pattern. Well I can, but I mess it up pretty quickly. I'm probably not the only one in this case (I hope) so the following projects are ultra-simple. Oh, and if you never grabbed some needles before but would like to have a go, do it!! The Internet is a wonderful place where you can find videos, tutorials and patterns tailored for your need. and honestly, knitting is not that scary!

  • Knit a snood: I've already raved about this at the beginning of the year. This was one of my first real project and is a huge confidence booster. And this year they are everywhere, so avoid the overpriced, bland High Street ones you'll see on everyone and knit one instead, with some wool YOU choose for a super personalised gift! Last year I followed this pattern (in French) but there's bound to be loads on Ravelry or by just googling "Knit a snood". Pick some nice chunky quality wool, some 8mm needles and in a few evenings you'll have your snood. It will also warm you nicely while you knit it!!! Customise it with buttons on the side, a detachable brooch...
  • A bit more classic, but always nice to make: a scarf! The beauty of it being that you can do anything you want, you don't have to worry about a pattern, just decide the width first, cast on and knit until you're happy with the length. Go for stripes a la Harry Potter! Mix and match any scraps of yarn! With the harsh weather we're experiencing right now, anyone will be grateful to get a scarf as a present.
  • Another clever way to use odd balls of yarn is to knit some squares and sew them together to make a little blanket. Ok this is my granny side talking, but honestly, isn't it nice to curl up in a blanket while you're watching TV and it's freezing outside? Even my boyfriend likes to be all wrapped up when he's playing Call of Duty: Black Ops on Zombie mode!!!
  • I actually saw once in a book called Knitorama that you could sew some tension squares together and turn them into a sort of batwing cardi. A bit far fetched maybe, but I might just give it a try and see what I end up with (probably the same cardi as Pierre in "Le Pere Noel est une ordure". French readers will know what I mean!)
  • This pattern of a shawl looks absolutely stunning and is short of becoming a cult pattern on Ravelry amongst French knitters (instructions in French). It is SO simple and really, you can do it with any yarn and needles, using smaller needles will probably take more time. I'm doing one in purple mohair and another in Pink wool- another must-have for this cold winter in my opinion.
  • Knitted hat: This is the little purple hat I made last winter (I also made a black one):

This is so easy to make and doesn't need any ribbing, it is all done in garter stitch. You can find the pattern here (scroll down to Hats, this is the first one on there). You can then add a flower or bow brooch, or a big button on the side to customise it. If you are on Ravelry, you can have a look at the Unbelievably Simple Baby Hat which I made for a friend's daughter last month and knit a quick treat for a little one around you! Another simple and stunning pattern is the Mistinguette hat (instructions in French). Why not just have a go at the knitted bow for a quick embellishment if you are running out of time to knit the hat? (although it seems a quick knit- a couple of evenings would probably be ok.)

That's it for now so grab them needles and go ahead, be creative!!!

Until next time,


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