Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Just to tie in with my previous post about Easy Knitting...

Have a look at this hat:

Image from

Lovely isn’t it? Wouldn’t it make a nice Christmas stocking filler? It’s a quirky take on the usual knitted hat with a pompom and the veil gives it a humorous, retro vibe.

This hat, consisting in a simple rib stitch, stockinette stitch, pom-poms and veil is currently selling for £70. Yes you read this right. £70.

Even if you wanted to really splash out and get a luxurious ball of yarn (the description on the site only states it is 100% wool), I don’t think it will cost that much. If you’re hopeless like me, you don’t even have to go with the rib bit and just knit everything in garter stitch using one of the patterns in the last post. Then all you have to add is a pompom (and feel like you’re 6 again), and sew a bit of veil on the hat. Done- your own quirky hat for fraction of the price.

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