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Gig review: Madness in Cardiff 13th December 2010

Today I’m going to put aside my knitting needles and sewing machine and instead be trendy and post about the gig I went to see on Monday!!! Yeah I’m so cool.
I went to see Madness at the Cardiff International Arena. One of my first posts on this blog was a review on their latest album “The Liberty of Norton Folgate”, and before yesterday I had already seen them 3 times live. So you can guess I’m a bit of a fan (who can still however admit that some of the stuff they released was a bit dodgy). When I saw they were coming to Wales again I straight-away booked two tickets, for me and the boyfriend, who luckily likes them as well.

Now before I start with the gig itself... I’ve always got a bit of a problem dressing up for a gig.  My little skirts and heels are not very practical for trying to jump and dance to One Step Beyond and so on, so I wore my good old Dr Martens boots and found out that I had a pair of jeans, with the tag still on, which shows how often I wear trousers. I even had to borrow some socks from my boyfriend...

Can you believe these shoes are over 10 years old? A far cry from... latest DM acquisition


The first good surprise was on the way to the C.I.A:

(Picture from walesonline) 
A Doc Martens shop!!!!! In Cardiff!!! My dream (and my banker’s nightmare) coming true.

So we arrived at the C.I.A and by the time we passed the security checks/ had a look at the merchandise the support act was already on. It Paul Heaton from “The Beautiful South”, with an accompanying band. I always feel a bit sorry for support acts- they know that no one has really come to see them but fair-play to him, he gave a really good performance. I didn’t know any if the songs- don’t think they ever made it across the Channel but I really enjoyed it.

Once he finished his set people rushed to the (overpriced) bar/ toilets and we managed to get a bit closer to the stage. The atmosphere was great, with lots of people singing along to the music played, but by 9.00pm everyone started to get a bit restless. Suddenly the lights went out, the curtain fell and a huge screen started showing really funny snippets of old TV shows. There was one called Wooden Tops I think, and “Le Manège enchanté”. And then, here they were!!!

They started with One Step Beyond and from then on everyone was wild, dancing, singing to the top of their voices, really enjoying themselves. It was good that they had this big screen at the back. It was a fantastic set list as well, a mix of well-known songs (Baggy Trousers, House of Fun, Embarrassment), some Norton Folgate songs (NW5, Forever Young) and a couple of new songs!

This is the set list as far as I can remember! I think all the songs are there, but they might not be in the exactly perfect order.

One Step beyond
Shut up
Driving in my car
Bed and Breakfast Man
New song
Forever Young
   The Young and the Old
   My Girl
   Clerkenwell Polka
    House of fun
   New song
   Tomorrow’s just another day
   The Sun and the Rain
   (Chrissy Boy singing Tom Jones's "It’s not unusual")
    Our House
    Baggy trousers
    It must be love

    Wings of a Dove
     Tarzan’s nuts
    Night boat to Cairo

The best bits for me were NW5, My Girl, Our House and the Sun and The Rain. Chrissy Boy’s rendition of It’s not unusual was a fitting tribute to Wales! And I liked the fact that the screen was showing Cardiff’s most famous landscapes during Our House. Here is a video of the beginning of "My girl"- apologies for the saturated sound at the end, my phone couldn't handle the speakers!!

What a great night we had- we danced and sang from the beginning to the end. A Madness gig is so much better than an hour in the gym! Overall 9.5/10!

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Cherry Plum said...

God! I Love Madness!!!!! It's my brother's favorite band and we used to sing their songs aloud until our neighbours knocked on the wall

Popbabe7 said...

Your brother has great tastes! Nothing beats a great sing-along to Madness. If you ever have a chance of seeing them live it is worth it.

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