Monday, 22 November 2010

A very crafty Christmas part 1: Easy Sewing

Christmas is coming fast, and although I don't feel confident in hand-making 100% of my gifts I still want some of my presents to have this special touch about them. I started last year very modestly but it felt so good that this year I'm aiming for more crafty presents. You do have to be quite organised though and certainly cannot leave everything last minute as you could (would ?) do for shop bought gifts.

So here is the first part of Popbabe7's very crafty Christmas: mainly very easy,  little or not-so-little Sewing ideas!

  • Flower brooch: Made from felt, scraps of fabric... You name it. They are incredibly easy to make , cheap and once you get the hang of it you can easily make them in less than an hour. This is my version and a more elaborate version from Adventures in Dressmaking . You don't need a sewing machine for this!! Difficulty rating: Easy
    • Embellished Cardigans: Grosgrain's embellish month is not over yet and whilst you might decide not go all the way (size down a jumper/ cardigan) you could get inspired and add a few contrasting ruffles onto a plain cardi. Add a fake fur collar to a cardi, like I did or make a fabric bow, which always give a cute, retro look. Or think funky buttons- why not try to make your own with Fimo? For embellishments you generally don't need a sewing machine by the way. Difficulty rating: Easy
    • Bags bags bags: from bags for life (shopping bags) to little handbags you can find countless tutorials on the net, like this one, this one, this one. You will need a sewing machine for most of these. On a smaller case why not make an iPod case? Difficulty rating: Less Easy
    • Make yoyos as embellishment to bags, brooches, or mini yoyos necklace!!! Difficulty rating: Super Easy
      • Last but not least, why not try to have a go at something more ambitious and make a customised skirt? I'm planning on using McCalls  M3341- it looks straight forward, doesn't require much fabric (less than a meter) and can be used with a variety of fabric.
      The two top left versions are the length I'm looking for

      The only downside for this is that you have to make sure you get the right measurements, otherwise it will be a disappointment! But I can see myself using this pattern again and again and customise skirts with applique. Needless to say you would definitely need a sewing machine for this. Difficulty rating: Trickier

      So this is what I'll be up to in the next few weeks. Next I will post easy knitting projects!!

      Until next time,


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