Wednesday, 17 November 2010

My own Wordle(s)

Noa's post got me to make my own Wordle, I just pasted the URL of my blog and this is what came out (although I think it took mostly from my wardrobe revamp post?):

Not much of a surprise at the biggest/ most used words there: Clothes are my obsession, Time is my enemy (in the sense that I always seem to be lacking of any), I love dresses, and I wear a lot of black.

You can increase the number of words to be taken into account, this is what I had after I changed it to 1000 words- I wanted to see if there was a change in the most often used words!!

Well not a huge change is it???
Have a go at your own Wordle here !!! And if you want to save it, either do a print screen or use Photoscape, a nifty little software that can also help you with enhancing your pics with frames. It's like a basic Photoshop but it's all free! (By the way I'm not affiliated to Photoscape in any way, I just happen to own it and I'm very happy about it.)

I know I really should post some more wardrobe revamps. I made myself a lovely dress which I'm dying to show you, but I need to take decent pics of it, which is always a problem... I also want to post some easy craft ideas in the countdown to Christmas. I just need more (you guessed it) TIME!!!

Until next (...) time!!!!



Cherry Plum said...

What we want to see in more of your sewing work!!!!!!

Noas' libellule said...

I finally tried the wordle with an extract from l'ecume des jours, and I love it. Have not gone through all the fonts though... Such a cool software.

Popbabe7 said...

@ Cherry Plum: I have revamped a few more things, all I need is to take some pics. The light is terrible in my flat (it's not the only bad thing about this place unfortunately) but I promise I'll try to upload a post about them soon!

@ Noas' libellule: Great choice! This is the sort of website where I could spend hours just putting anything to see the result. I'm surprised at how changing the fonts and layout gives a different atmosphere to the picture. Whoever came up with this had a brilliant idea!!


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