Monday, 11 October 2010

Obsession of the moment: Full skirts

I really like full skirts. A few years ago I got the bargain of the century by buying a black full skirt from Kookai reduced to clear at £5 (original price was £95). It has loads of layers, mainly net, and swishes around when you walk. I think it was originally part of their end of year party wear. I'm not afraid to wear it to go to work. It's the perfect skirt if you feel a bit down! I also used to go jive-dancing (God I miss it) and it was one of my favourite outfits.

I did notice last Winter that full skirts were back on the catwalk- was it Vuitton that went over the top with a collection that just seemed straight out of Mad Men*? I didn't expect them so to get onto the High Street so I had a bit of a shock when I saw this:

Warehouse- £45. I'm dribbling like a Labrador right now.
I like the shape and the colour of this skirt, and I bet it's nice and warm for Winter!! But £45? I'm sorry but that's just too expensive for me. So I had a little look on Burda Style and found the perfect alternative!

Linda #8164 from Burdastyle
 Pattern is a mere $2.50 and I'm sure I'll use it more than once. Now I just need 2m65 of fabric. I'm thinking teal, or red-pink just like the Warehouse skirt, in a wool mix. What do you think?? Would tartan be a bit too much?

Oh and there is also the small matter of my unfinished Butterick B5415. I started 3 weeks ago and decided to take my time. I only have to fit the zipper and the sleeves! I just don't want to rush it so I'm doing little by little. Hopefully soon I'll be able to show you the result!

Until next time,


*You know what the funniest thing is? I've never seen a Mad Men episode, but have been looking at pics all over the internet. Am I weird?

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